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The Social Justice Wanker Cult Should Blame Itself For The Rise Of Trump

ubmitted by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com,
I have not been writing much concerning the U.S. election this November, and with good reason – elections are always a distraction from tangible solutions.  They are an anathema to honest debate; a circus of delusions and prefabricated talking points.  They offer the illusion of choice in order to placate the masses.  They are a theater of false hopes.
That said, elections do accomplish one thing very well — they are great for mobilizing large numbers of people into opposing camps and pitting them against each other over ideologies and political celebrities.  Sometimes, these elections can lead to internal war.  This is where we stand in 2016.
In my article Will A Trump Presidency Really Change Anything For The Better, published in March, I outlined why I believed that the election of 2016 would revolve around a Trump vs. Hillary free-for-all.  The two sides are perfectly diametrically opposed.  At least, as far as public image is concerned, one is the exact antithesis to the other, and I don’t think this is a coincidence.
Over the course of the past century social instability and outright internal conflicts have in most cases been the product of a specific catalyst — namely various flavors of Marxism and communism.  That is to say, communists attempt to socially or economically sabotage conservative or free market based systems with civil unrest and political chicanery, and in response, nations are either overrun by color revolution or they swing to the other side of the collectivist spectrum and resort to fascism.
This is often by design.  As I have examined in detail in numerous articles in the past, it is the financial elite that tend to play BOTH sides of this modern battle between the communists and the “nationalists,” usually promoting or supporting groups with communist leanings, radicalizing them and exploiting them to drive normally level headed conservatives to respond with anger and totalitarianism to keep them at bay.  Of course, these totalitarian regimes also end up under the control of the establishment.  It is the best way to hijack and co-opt a conservative population.
Today, we have a similarly pervasive communism in the West funded by the same kinds of elites, only in the form of a more frantic style of cultural Marxism.  One need only examine the cash infusions by billionaires like George Soros and his Open Society Institute into Black Lives Matter as well as other “social justice” organizations.
Under the guise of philanthropy, global financiers exploit mindless followers and the entitlement mob like a heavy bludgeon, swinging them wildly at any cultural mainstay that represents the bedrock of the target nation.  Apparently, the irony is completely lost on the social justice warriors, who completely ignore the fact that rich white guys are bankrolling their battle against… rich white guys.
It is important to note that while the financial establishment is the very CORE of the problem and the primary instigator and manipulator of the public psyche (they have this down to a science), their success in these endeavors would not be as frequent without so many mindless followers and academic idiots to perpetuate the momentum of chaos.  These groups share almost as much blame as the elites in the destruction of civility and prosperity.
In this age of unstable economies and societies, there are many people who are desperate to be told what to do rather than lead themselves.  However, none are quite as horrifying as the social justice cultists.
These people are, in my view, nearly the pinnacle of the communist ideal.  They are die hard collectivists, and are willing to rationalize almost any action as long as they believe it is being done in the name of the “greater good.”  Usually, this greater good is based on entirely arbitrary determinations rather than any inherent moral code, making it vaporous and easily changeable.  A “greater good” without principles based in inherent conscience or natural law can be shifted on a whim to suit any evil imaginable.
They believe fervently in the purity of their world view.  Most of them are not open to even the slightest question or concern over their ethos.  Their blind faith is unshakeable, even in the face of extensive empirical evidence and superior logic.  Such people are the ultimate cannon fodder for the elites.
Social justice cultists act on the assumption that history is on their side, and that they will one day be seen as heroes for their deeds.
They not only seek to promote and spread their ideology — this would merely make them a new form of religion.  No, they are not just evangelists, they also want their own version of a caliphate; an all dominating cult that crushes any embers of dissent and destroys its philosophical opponents trapped within its ever expanding borders.
A recent and starling example of this mentality can be found in the following video of a BBC show called “The Big Questions.”  The subject of the debate — “Does social media reveal men’s hatred for women?”  Milo Yiannopoulos faces off with a crowd of mouth breathing true-believers and barely gets a word in edgewise as they do what cultural Marxists do best:  use the mob to shout down their opponent and attack the person’s character rather than confront his arguments and evidence:
Though this show is produced out of the U.K. and not the U.S., I am using it to shed light on the inevitable end game of all social justice cultists regardless of where they live — to dominate all discussion and erase conservative thought from society.  The attitudes displayed by the feminists and the rather pathetic members of the audience are truly frightening. Not only do they argue that Yiannoupoulos has no right to even be dignified  with time to respond, they are at bottom also claiming the right to assert force of law to ban ideas they disagree with and even to imprison the people that argue those ideas.
Instead of simply ignoring or blocking the people who offend them like rational adults, or participating in a free exchange, they want the power of government to silence opposition. If their ideas were truly superior in merit then they would have no need to use force to silence or imprison their opponents.  They want to turn the whole of the web, the whole of the WORLD, into a federally enforced “safe space” for their ideology and their ideology alone.
It is this kind of zealotry that leads to outright totalitarianism and collectivism. This is the kind of evil that is done in the name of the so-called “greater good.”
The fact is, their feelings are irrelevant. They do not matter.  Most rational people don’t care if SJWs are offended, or afraid or disgusted and indignant. Their problems are not our problems.  Our right to free expression and freedom of association is far more important than their personal feelings or misgivings.  We do not owe them a safe space.  If they want a safe space, then they should hide in their hovels or crawl back to the rancid swamps from whence they slithered.
A backlash is building against the social justice cult that will be unleashed sooner rather than later, and so far it is accelerating at the height of the election frenzy under the banner of Donald Trump.
Social justice warriors seem to find themselves befuddled at the rise of Trump, but as I predicted in March, a Trump vs. Hillary face-off was inevitable.
For conservatives, Hillary is the ultimate representation of political hell spawn.  She is a proven elitist puppet, with a criminal record that reads like a transcript from the Nuremberg trials.  She is also a part of an ongoing trend of dynasties in U.S. politics.  Americans have grown tired of the Bushes and the Clintons.  We have grown tired of the endless reign of neo-cons and neo-liberals.  We are looking something different, or what we hope is something different.  Trump at first glance at least looks like a candidate outside of the establishment norm.
Beyond this increasing aversion to the status quo, though, is the growing American contempt for the social justice cult.  This will be a primary driver of the U.S. election.
While many in the cult had thrown their support behind Bernie Sanders for a time, Bernie showed his true colors by bowing down to the Clinton machine.  This is typical of socialists, who regularly forgo their proclaimed principles in the name of “unity” and “victory” under a single collectivist umbrella.  Many in the social justice crowd have quickly jumped on Hillary’s bandwagon, as her campaign now rides solely on the disposition of her own sexual organs.
That is to say, Clinton is now the new mascot for the SJW crowd, even though many of them don’t really like her.
I’m not so sure the “vote for me because I’m a woman” theme is going to go over quite as effectively as Obama’s “vote for me because I’m black” theme.  The Hillary campaign symbol, looking strangely like a warped version of the arrowed symbol for “Male” and Mars, is emblazoned on worshipful feminist posters and cartoons everywhere.  A nice touch was the cringe-worthy display of Clinton’s giant head on the DNC mega-screen bashing through photos of past male presidents as if “shattering” the proverbial glass ceiling.  Set aside the fact that over half of American voters are women, and that there is no glass ceiling preventing women from being voted into office by other women if being a woman rather than a decent candidate was all that mattered.
The theater of the feminist absurd aside, this election is going to tumble about wildly on all sorts of carnival sideshows.
The so called “controversy” over comments made by Trump against the parents of a Muslim soldier killed in U.S. service in Iraq is just the beginning of the circus.  To be fair to Trump, the sheer hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton, a warmonger of the highest degree and a participant by-proxy in the death of the soldier in question, using his parents as fuel for a campaign controversy goes so far into the realm of the disturbing that I might be shocked if I didn’t understand that the whole thing is a mind game.  These kinds of distractions are meant to fuel the flames and I predict they will become frequent and overwhelming by November.
To reiterate, it is clear that the Clinton campaign is going the route of pandering to the SJWs.  This is the script, and I as I said after the Brexit referendum vote, I believe that the script ends with a Clinton failure and a Trump victory.  Pandering to SJWs rarely leads to success.  And, a faltering economy blamed on Trump would be far preferable to one blamed on Clinton.
My regular readers know well that I personally do not have much faith in the Trump campaign; I’ve seen too many constitutional inconsistencies and too many meetings with elitist representatives so far to give him the benefit of the doubt.  If he turns out to be a true constitutionalist, then I will be pleasantly surprised and happy to admit I was wrong.
That said, I do understand why the public is rallying around Trump.  They see him not as a candidate, but as a vehicle to push forward a fight against a social justice juggernaut that has gone unanswered for far too long.  They don’t much care about him as a man, which is why the character attacks by the social justice cult and the media have fallen flat again and again.  They only care that he might not be the status quo.  They are looking for something radical to counter the radicalism of cultural Marxists.
I am not here to argue over which candidate is “better,” or preferable or the “lesser of evils.”  None of this matters.  I realize that I am not going to convince anyone to vote in anyway different than how they have already decided to vote.  In fact, I am certain that most people decided exactly how they were going to vote as soon as the candidates were publicly finalized.
The zealotry will be evident on both sides.  Democrats will accuse me of being biased in favor of Trump because I outline in articles the endless parade of horrors surrounding Clinton’s career.  Republicans will accuse me of “secretly working for the Democrats” because I refuse to throw full blind faith behind Trump.  That’s just how elections work – follow my mascot or you are my enemy.
I really couldn’t care less.  I’m on the side of liberty and individualism and I’ll fight on this side alone if I have to.
I will say that I KNOW exactly what will happen under Hillary Clinton – despotism in the name of “equality”, leading to outright civil war.  I only SUSPECT according to what I have seen so far that Trump is not a constitutional candidate.
The danger is that in our search for the counterbalance to social justice despotism and Hillary Clinton’s evident communist addictions, we conservatives will fall into the old historical paradigm of fascism in the name of defeating communism, helping the elites instead of dethroning them.  The danger is that we get so caught up in trying to destroy the social justice mob that we forget our principles.
If a President Trump shows any indications of being anti-constitution, even in the name of our own “greater good,” conservatives MUST stand by our ideals and stand against him, or we become no better than the SJW psychopaths we seek to stop.  No man, no woman, no president is more important than the liberties and heritage of this nation and its citizenry.
As far as social justice activists are concerned, if they really want to change this country for the better, then they should consider dropping out of their little cult and finding something productive to do.  Stop spending your parents’ money on garbage gender studies classes.  Become scientists and engineers.  Become doctors and inventors. Create a better planet through ingenuity rather than manic ideology.  Make yourselves useful or something.  You’re not only wasting your own time wreaking havoc with your collectivism, you are also wasting our time, because now we have to spend it working to stop you and the elites that fund you.
Become self sufficient instead of begging for handouts or feeding off your family and their savings accounts.  Add to the world instead of bleeding it dry.  Help people through personal action instead of trying to micro-manage their lives and their speech and their thoughts through force of government.
Otherwise, all you are is more gasoline on a fire that will result in inevitable conflict; a conflict which you will lose.  A conflict which may only serve the interests of the very elites which you think you are fighting against.  Remember, whatever happens, it was the social justice cult that helped to create the conditions by which such a conflict became unavoidable.  Without the cultural Marxists, there would be no rationale for any division.  If they would simply leave us all alone to think and say what we feel, to choose our associations without interference or invasive conquest of “spaces” and to live in a functioning society based on merit rather than victimhood and artificial fear, there would be no fertile ground for an election circus of this magnitude.
And finally, if EVERYONE relied less on political celebrities, if everyone stopped waiting for a knight on a white horse, or a feminist icon, or a crusade to fight, or a social justice mob to join and started determining their own futures; if everyone began looking far more carefully at the people behind the curtain, then perhaps we could finally see a change in humanity not seen in thousands of years.  Not a collectivist change, but an individualist change, which is the only kind of change everlasting or worth a damn.

At this point, why not elect swamp donkey at large Triggly Puff for President…