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The Sniffy killer Imposter

 Remember…that whole stumble bum idiot pedo is an act, except for the pedo part. They want Sniffy in the worst possible light they can present him and wow, can you even imagine an average person that insanely evil, much less a President?

It’s intentional. They want him so loathed, worldwide, that when they shove in our laps ???, hidden behind the next VP spot when the Hyena takes over the fake whitehouse, we seem a grateful relief, to both the satanic left and the identity politics driven conservatives.

I mean, letting the mask show all the time. The obviously fake actors that change his height a few inches up and down. The groping of children he’s going to frazzledrip that night, and everyone knows it now. And now, some guy who sounds completely like another person, not someone with a sore throat. Short of having a sign on the cigar store indian, they’ve made sure he’s hated by all and embarrassed.

It’s her evil twin brother, franky. When der Greta is on “vacation.”