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The satanic Agenda of the left

Mentally traumatizing children with the approval of satanic lesbian school teachers

Reader Lichthof draws my attention to the trials and tribulations of Andrew Anglin (proprietor of the Daily Stormer) and Weev (Mossad’s most wanted realtalker):

WAPO has an article on Anglin today..written by a muslim I think. Interesting read..totally dismisses the claim that muslims wanting a caliphate :..’what nonsense and anyone who believes this is deluded’ ha ha nothing to see here..move along.
It’s quite amazing how Anglin is a hunted man and for what exactly?
Then we have the comments where the libtards show how unhinged and rattled they are “how dare he say that about the Charlottesville girl..I’d love to run him down with a jeep”..actually every comment seems to espouse to violence. I see this on facebook all the time.
Let’s stop these nahzees by erm..dressing up in black and punching them..and stopping their freedom of speech..yeah!
Since November I have seen liberals openly calling for Trump’s assassination, calling for an end to democracy as their candidate lost and the [1st] amendment does not really mean free speech. […]
and I back that up with the realization that I have no idea what liberal ideology is or what exactly liberals believe in. They do not either and any probing can show this.
Liberals are basically a cult- the outliers and freaks in society who have banded together into an union of numbers. Their faux values is their mantra to bind them together. Like everything else it’s all about access to power and resources.

  • They promote diversity yet the ‘logic’ of their race-mixing agenda means that all races will eventually merge into a coffee-colored hybrid with all diversity lost.
  • They promote women’s ‘rights’ (e.g. full-term abortions, no-fault divorce) while advocating mass Muslim immigration and defending misogynistic Islamic practices.
  • They promote ‘free speech’ while closing down non-conformist views through legislation and physical oppression.
  • They claim to stand for the working class but depress wages by promoting immigration of unskilled immigrants.
  • They claim to support the environment yet regard attempts to limit the Third World’s explosive population growth as Western Imperialism.
  • They claim genetics don’t matter but demand sperm from high IQ donors when their shriveled ovaries can no longer produce.
  • They claim to be generous and giving whereas numerous studies (and my personal experience) have shown conservatives contribute more to charity.
  • They want to remove guns from Whites living in dangerous neighborhoods but think it’s fine for celebrities and wealthy ‘liberals’ to be protected by armed guards.
  • They proclaim that everyone should be proud of his or her race, culture and sexual orientation. Unless you’re a straight White male. In which case you’re guilty of a hate crime.
  • And that’s the whole point: That everything about them can be explained by their hostility to Whites, especially straight White men.