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The red lesbian Psaki goblin has been exposed

But so far, it’s Ukrainians firing cruise missiles, gunning down citizens, bombing schools, etc, all proved many times on this site. As usual, the satanists project what they are doing onto the other party. It’s high time the world saw through their evil tactics and did something about it. I know I AM.

It’s more of a wilful destruction of Russia’s economy and an attempt to steal Russia’s gas.

Remember when Biden was swearing up & down that he’d stop NordStream 2?
Well NS2 was something that both the Germans and Russian’s had organized between themselves at great cost to Russia’s gas giant Gazprom. The Germans seemed to genuinely want and need the gas. So why then would they just drop it because Biden says so? 

Within 24 hours of Germany announcing NS2 is off the table western media tells us the Russian’s attacked. (I don’t believe them) why not? Look at the map. Why is Ukraine’s main army surrounded in the East? If you knew the Russians would likely invade, is this how you’d place your defense forces? no. 

The west was betting Russia would bitch out, they didn’t. The Ukrainians were gonna destroy the Donbas up once and for all, that didn’t happen either. But just in case the Russian’s did invade the west thought they could either respond with might, pretty sure the pentagon told them that idea is bat shit crazy, or they could form an alliance of NATO countries and other allies to sanction the fuck out of Russia. That has happened.

Yeshua revealed in JOHN

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Every lie told above by the red lesbian Psaki goblin has been exposed, too many times.

All for a Edomite phag who shoots down his own people and like all of his ilk, blames it on innocent parties. Just like the CIA and other clowns out there.

The installed phreak – like Sniffy – of Ukraine

NATO will kick out countries who support Russia, the Edomite Nazi’s declare.

Give me a single example of this ever happening. The truth is it doesn’t happen in organizations like NATO and the EU, ever. Those organizations thrive on us being in there. If they kick us out, there is no guarantee we’ll ever come back; if they keep us in, they have a chance of a government friendly to them getting elected in the future again and putting us back under their vassal hood, or they can orchestrate a coup and easily bring us in without any other foreign power intervening and without complicated, long readmission procedures.

In fact, if you think we’d become pariahs, explain to me why Turkey is still in NATO. They’ve already attacked neighboring states (Syria), they trade heavily with Russia despite NATO being hostile with Russia and despite the US making a massive fuss about it, yet the notion of kicking them out was never even mentioned by anybody in any position of power – because it’d be retarded. Turkey might never rejoin.

Same goes for the EU. Poland and Hungary are already tripping the Satanic EU up as a 5th column type deal inside it, but EU politicians have not even considered the idea of kicking them out. It’s always sanctions, sanctions, sanctions – but kicking out a member state is too retarded for them ever doing it.

Basically you’re high on retarded cope if you believe that NATO and the EU have some kind of moral backbone. The only reason more countries don’t go full Turkey on their neighbors in NATO has more to do with the fact that glowies (CIA) are crawling up the asses of every NATO nation making sure they don’t elect less than evil bad guys who might probably make do some nationalist policies like Trump, when the big satanic push is for a NWO GLOBOHOMO empire for Lucifer and his senior butt boys like der Klaus.

All satanic gays support whatever they are ordered to support.