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The Reason Why The Young #NeverTrump Protester Was Maced: Punching An Elderly Man In The Face

In this morning’s media frenzy story du jour, a 15-year-old girl, who was protesting at a Trump rally in Wisconsin, ended up being pepper sprayed, or at least that’s how most of the media portrayed the incident. Since we were unsure what had happened, we specifically stated that “who knows what actually happened here and we won’t endeavor to speculate although it does appear that the pepper spraying was in retaliation for an initial provocation by the young girl.”

There was, however, more to the story than headlines such as this one from Time Magazine “15-Year-Old Girl Assaulted at Donald Trump Rally, Police Say” suggest.
As the following Youtube clip from Rebel Pundit reveals, the unnamed female #NeverTrump protester was only maced after she first punched an elderly man in the face: the moment is clearly caught on tape 28 seconds into the following clip.

Andrew Marcus, who works on these video projects with Rebel Pundit, posted this image.

the elderly getting sucker punched by feminist nazi. The fascist MSM isn’t reporting or showing the video of the woman’s attack against a man not even looking at her. Never trust the press for the truth.

As the LegalInsurrection website notes, “I don’t know the man’s age, but in many states a physical assault on a person over a certain age (usually 60 or 65) get accelerated charging, turning what would be a misdemeanor battery into a felony.”
It adds: “we saw this extensively when Trump’s Chicago rally was shut down after near riots by anti-Trump activists who infiltrated the rally venue. And we saw it yesterday at a Trump rally in Janesville, WI….  It’s the same agenda used against the Tea Party — to portray an overwhelmingly peaceful group of people as violent, and to portray the violent leftist perpetrators as victims.”
And speaking of the Janesville WI, protest, we wonder if the young girl was being compensated (to the tune of $15/hour) by anonymous sources, the same ones who had previously put up the following CraigsList posting seeking to recruit “Paid Protesters at Trump Rally.”