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The reason for lifting the mask mandates

The reason for lifting the mask mandates

Don Bradley 6-17-21

Vax weapon injections have dropped to minuscule numbers now in the west, especially in America. However, they know they do not need, beyond 5% of the population to receive the weapon in order for it to reach everyone, in short order. But, as the weapon requires particulate matter to be transmitted through nasal and lung aerosol emissions, the mask interferes with the spread of the weapon. Which is what they need now.

The masks were a kind of black magical ritual thing, which is what they do: hide behind masks when they do their abominations to children and in demonic service. Also, this served as a fear Mk Ultra device, which was enforced by local law enforcement, worldwide. 

That time is past.

Now, they need the weapon to spread so they can stay on schedule. That means removing the masks, which we are all relieved is over. And we are. It’s been a very long 13 months of mask insanity.

And the nanobots?

It’s in everything. Our meats, tampons, surgical masks, drinks, fast food, cereals, much of it at least. And we are finding new products they’ve stuck these things in every week. The list just grows of products laced with these deadly devices.

This is where things stand. 

As of today.