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The PCR test is as bad the vaccine

Seems they are now capable of vaccinating livestock using a nasal pharyngeal swab procedure. Basically the same process as being used in the PCR test for COVID-19. A hair on the carpet or your spit is enough, using DNA analysis, to implicate you in a crime or even indicted, but testing for this ‘disease’ that is largely asymptomatic, calls for them to place a swab deep inside your head, only millimeters from your brain. 


They will “invent” a scanner–which is fake really-to test covid the way they measure temperature now, by shooting your forehead with a laser. They are already testing it in China. It’s programmable and is WIFI and BLUETOOTH linked to computers.

This way, they can process thousands quickly, because they test “positive.” Then off to the camps they go. Forever. No one ever leaves quarantine. No one ever has, so far. Ever.