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I believe it to be August 21st, which is the 233 day of the year. I would say stores, food, and so on kick off on that date. This is a signal to the covens. Whatever it really is, it is big enough to send out the confirming signal in the MSM all over the world.

Gives us 2 weeks to get whatever needs to be got together.


I’ve had all day to think about this and it won’t let me go. Consider…

If it were a country thing, it would only appear in that country’s media, but not all over the world. But it is all over the world. I kept being brought back to CYBER ATTACK on a worldwide level. Like no internet, banking, something very big. Even war.

Whatever it is, it would have to be something the whole word’s covens would have to know about as something they’ve prepped for, but have yet to get the word. This is that word.

I also believe it is a date marker; I’ve seen them use date markers before and sure enough, on that date, whammo. And as I’ve learned, always watch the numbers. Sure, the are the usual satanic tells, double elevens, 33s, etc. I’ve also seen this happen three times before and they were date markers.