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The Niacin Flush

It is well known that niacin is the safest way of reducing cholesterol counts — without any other medication.  It’s also very inexpensive.  However, you should know that high cholesterol readings are NOT a risk factor for heart disease.  A great majority of doctors will tell you this, but it is not true.  If you want to lower it anyway?  Niacin will do that very safely.  The number one selling drug in America today, Lipitor, at $8 billion per year, is a worthless fraud.  Niacin would to a better job, but it still not necessary.  Click Here to read my detailed report on cholesterol.
First, what you have experienced is the very well known “niacin flush.”   It is a very healthy action of niacin, as you’ll see as you read.
You get this action from niacin, but NOT from niacinamide.  Niacinamide was deliberately created to eliminate those factors in this B3 vitamin which cause the flush.   While there are certain benefits from niacinamide, the real winner here is B3, the niacin.
Niacin has the property of causing the small blood vessels to increase in size.   These are the capillaries.  Now, capillaries are often so small that the blood cells pass through them in single file.  It is the capillaries that take care of the vast majority of all the cells in the body.  You have large arteries near the heart, and they get smaller and smaller as they extend from the heart.  But, at the end of every well-sized artery is a very large network of capillaries.
They all start from the heart — but at the end of the line they are tiny, tiny capillaries.

Just take an arbitrary number for the number of living cells in your body — perhaps one billion.  The exact number is not critical for this purpose.   Now, the question is:  “How many of those billion cells are within a fraction of an inch away from one of the large arteries so that they can get rid of toxins directly into that artery, and to get nutrients from that artery?”  I don’t know, but I’ll guess that it is less than 20% of all those cells.

Now, there are many miles of the small capillaries in your body — a vast network which gets within a small fraction of an inch of EVERY cell in the body.  It is the capillaries which nourish the cells and which carry away the toxins.
Now, add into this equation the fact that most of the toxins in the body are stored in fat cells.  These fat cells can hold on to toxins for years, never letting it go until some “event” (like sweating or exercise).  Then, the fat cells give up their toxins and they start leaking out into the surrounding tissues.  You can have a slow-leak batch of fat cells that are poisoning you constantly.  Much of the disease that plagues mankind certainly comes from the constant slow leak of toxins from these fat cells.
These fat cells, like the millions of others, are all within a fraction of an inch of some capillary, but IF that capillary is clogged (as most often they are), and if the blood cells move through them only one cell at a time (single file), then you can see that there is not much chance for those toxins to be cleaned up by the flow of blood.
If you could find something that would increase the size of these capillaries, and not cause any harmful or adverse reaction, you can see how beneficial this would be.
In fact, niacin does this — it causes these miles of tiny capillaries to increase in size.
It is the INCREASE in size, partly, which causes your skin to get red.
While there are miles of these capillaries all through your body, it is near the surface of your body where the arteries are NOT!  So, as all the large surface of your body, your skin, is nourished by these small capillaries, and as the capillaries get larger, you can naturally see how the skin would show that increase in blood by getting red!
But, there is something else going on.  I don’t know of very many researchers who have told this story in terms that the average person can understand.
There is another substance to learn a bit about — it is a hormone called “histamine.”  You know of this substance when you buy “anti-histamine” medicines.  Without getting into a long story on that, the “anti-histamine” substances are meant to reduce the action of histamine — this is usually not good!
What does histamine do in the body?
Well, first it can be produced by EVERY cell in the body.  And, it is nature’s warning signal.
Whenever a cell is in danger (as, for instance, from a mosquito bite!), the cells that are in danger emit histamine.  That wonderful hormone has the ability to send a message to those places in the body which change the blood flow — to send more blood (water) to that area to provide the nutrients needed to heal the problem, and to carry away the toxins.
So, when a mosquito bites you, the area around the bite itches and swells.  That is the action of histamine coming to the rescue — bringing extra blood to supply nutrients to the cells that have been poisoned by the mosquito bite, and to carry away the poison.
When a cell is completely overwhelmed (as when it is loaded with toxins) it is in such apathy that it can’t even release histamine — in other words, it is so sick that it can’t even call for help.
Now, take a look at those cells near the capillaries.  They are often loaded with toxins and there is never enough blood flowing near them to take the toxins away.
Now, put some niacin in your body!
The capillaries increase in size.  How much?  I don’t know exactly, but often at least double in size.  Now, you have two blood cells going through the capillary, side-by-side.
The chances that this increased blood flow can take away some of those toxins is at least double what it had been.
As those poor cells start coming back to life — getting rid of toxins, they rise UP to the level where they can send out calls for help.
They send out small quantities of the hormone, histamine.
Histamine causes an itchy feeling anywhere it goes.  It also causes the body to send more water (blood) to that area, but what YOU experience is the red skin and the itchy reaction from histamine.
If you take niacin and DON’T have a flush, it could be that your capillaries are too far gone to be helped, or more likely, you don’t have a lot of toxins ready to be removed just then.
So, you should seek the niacin flush.  It does a great deal of good for your body — increasing blood flow, taking nutrients to areas that are starved, and taking AWAY some of those toxins that cause illness, tiredness and disease.
There’s more.
I have actually published MORE than 100 scientific studies about niacin.  Click Here to go to the Niacin Technical page, from which you can click to many other pages where niacin studies are shown.
Niacin is a vitamin that has a “getting used to” level.  In other words, the first time you take niacin you may have the flush.  If you keep taking the same amount each day, you will have the flush, maybe, on the second or third day, but by the fourth day you won’t have any flush.
Then is when you should deliberately increase your niacin dose.  There is a critically valuable detoxification method based on this increasing dose of niacin — click here.
If you start with 50 mg per day, you probably won’t have a flush — too small.
If you start with 100 mg, you will probably have that flush.  If you keep taking 100 mg of niacin every day, then after one or two days, you won’t have the flush.   Then, you could increase the dosage to 200 mg.
It is not always predictable.  You talk of taking large doses for several days, and then taking only 500 mg and getting a dramatic flush.  There are other factors besides food and exercise, but they’ll wait for another day.
I took gradually increasing amounts over a long period until I got up to 5,000 mg of niacin per day — and of course had no flush what-so-ever after a couple days at 5,000 mg!
There is much more I could tell you about niacin — let me give you a small clue!  
When you are experiencing that niacin flush some day, go to a private area, take off your clothing, and observe the pattern of “flush” on your body.  It will probably NOT be even!  When you’ve done that, and convince me to tell you more, I’ll give you some even more startling information about the niacin flush.
But, there is more I can tell you about niacin.
When I was designing the Super Life Glow formula I knew that I wanted to increase the amount of niacin in it. The regular “Life Glow Plus” that I designed has 100 mg of niacin in the recommended daily dose.   Many people have the niacin flush when they first take Life Glow Plus.
But, when I was designing Super Life Glow, I wanted to be more sure that people WOULD get that flush — so I increased the quantity of niacin to 200 mg per day.
Then some miracle of science happened. 
As I was taking my 30 capsules of Super Life Glow every day, I had the flush.  No surprise, but what was startling was that I continued to have that flush day after day.
In fact, I continued to get that niacin flush even some months after starting the 30 capsules of Super Life Glow — and I was taking the same dosage every day — 30 capsules containing 200 mg of niacin.  I would even get a flush taking FIVE of those Super Life Glow capsules — far less niacin than anyone can explain as still being able to cause the flush.
I think I know why this is happening and it is an even more fantastic health benefit from using the Super Life Glow.  I won’t tell all of this because I’ll bet you a couple nickels that there is no other product in the world which is able to produce a constant, day after day, niacin flush with the same quantity of niacin. 
I’ve done it with Super Life Glow, and for now it will be my secret!
You can, of course, simply take niacin every day, separate from anything else (there are some warnings I should give you on that, though), and increase the dosage so that you continue getting a flush.
The warning?  You should never take an “unbalanced” set of vitamins.   Don’t take lots of niacin without taking all the other vitamins which should be taken in proportion.  You can study the 43 ingredients in Life Glow Plus, or the 53 ingredients in Super Life Glow, figure out the proportions among these ingredients and then judge whether you are getting the proper proportions.  Click here to see the amazing list of ingredients in Super Life Glow.
So, if you want a niacin flush, every day, try Super Life Glow.  It’s expensive, but there is nothing like it on the planet!
Now a few more comments about Jeffrey’s question.
Yes, the itch and redness can be very dramatic sometimes.  And, hardly anything will reduce that experience except time.  You should not jump around a lot with a large dose one day and then no niacin for a few days.  If you do that, your body will lose its “tolerance” to the niacin and you’ll have a big reaction on the day when you take a large quantity.
Normally if you take, say, 100 mg and get the flush, the flush will not be very dramatic.  Then increase gradually.
Also, whether or not you get the flush, and how much of a flush, depends on what food you have eaten when.  It also depends on whether you’ve done some exercise before taking the niacin.  Sitting in a sauna can be a helpful factor, too.
I’ll bet you’ve never found this much information about niacin anywhere!
Thanks, Jeffery, for giving me the opportunity to write about niacin.
Oh, Jeffery, knock off that aspirin.  It is bad news.  The “research” that “proved” it was helpful to the heart?  Fraud!   Maybe I’ll write about that some day!
Karl Loren