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the invasion is real whether on foot…

And what families? That’s one of Satanisms’ two weapons – DOUBT AND GUILT. Guess which one this op is, and sadly, Trump fell for it.

in the back of cars, trucks and semis OR – by the trainload. We have a border crisis!

and they keep coming… the invasion is real.
No borders, no control, no country. If we don’t fix this, the joke’s on us.

She doesn’t look poor to me. Gold and pearl earrings, new Top from Ross for Less, gold bracelets, designer jeans, and girl with her, has a very tony Satin Jacket. These “migrants” are better dressed than most tax payers I see everywhere. And all the women in this shot – all migrants, two ex prostitutes, are giving the finger to white people driving by. Who pay for them, give them a house to live in for free, and make sure their kids get free medical and education through university. And they hate us. They hate us, even Asian us, Filipino us, black us, any American Citizen us…they HATE us.