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The Food Served in Restaurants

Nick Bradley

The Food Served in Restaurants
For most people owning a restaurant is a point of pride. The building, the experience, and the food are all due to the creativity of the owner which gives the person a lot to take pride in. And of course it’s nice to think of all the people who enjoy themselves in the establishment. But what if the food was hurting them? And then what if the people who frequented the restaurant learned of the illnesses being caused by the bad food? This is why many food serving establishments across the nation are switching to whole and healthy organic foods.
All across the nation people have been doing their own research about what is and isn’t healthy for them to eat. Back in the 1950’s, before the revolution of free speech and thought, people believed everything the advertisements were telling them about the food they were eating. One of the worst offenders was Wonder Bread and their famous slogan, “Helps build strong bodies 12 ways” (Ads Museum). It was later revealed that many of the major products people believed were safe for them to eat were actually hurting them. There were even lawsuits that lead to the truth in advertisement laws that are now in place today. In America today when a person goes into the supermarket, if the food is not labeled as organic then as a rule it is genetically modified (GMO). The problem with GMO foods is that they are unnatural and very harmful for the body as writes this Ban-GMO author, “There are no commercially available GMO foods with improved nutritional value. Currently available GM foods are no better and in some cases are less nutritious than natural foods” (BanGMFoods.org). In fact studies currently show that GMO food is the cause for an increase in illness rates throughout the populations in which GMO foods was made the standard. Scientists and researchers all over the world are finding that eating whole and healthy organic foods will actually cure most illnesses! Even the great and terrible beast of cancer finds its match with the Gerson Therapy which relies wholly on organic fruits and vegetables.
More and more in the country today many restaurant businesses are going out of business because people simply would rather eat somewhere healthier. Quickly the majority of the population is becoming aware that they don’t want to eat GMO foods and are going only to places that serve organic and healthy foods now. The whole organic and raw foods life style is reaching a peak in the trending cycle on the business markets of the world, people no longer wish to poison themselves and call it food. In the economy that America is currently experiencing, this is great news. Most if not all of the farms in America that produce GMO foods are owned and operated by large corporations and their affiliates, such as Monsanto. Too many of the family owned farms and food providers of America have been strong armed into Monsanto’s umbrella of control or shut down and out completely. If everyone stops paying good money for poor quality food such as GMO foods, then Monsanto will have no one to sell their food to, and then the way will be opened up for thousands of jobs all across America. Many of America’s entrepreneurs have already begun taking part in the vast amounts of money to be made by buying and selling organic and healthy products and foods. Clearly there is a demand and clearly there is a supply.
Starting in the time of World War II, in concordance with the invention of the microwave, governments and large food companies began using Iodine Radiation to “cleanse” the food. The only problem with this practice, is that it effectively kills whatever nutrition was in the food and it now becomes little more than empty food. This method of treating food to “preserve” them has become common practice with all GMO foods processed or used on American soil. There has been a serious decline in the health of the average American since World War II. The studies that are raging across all media platforms combined with the studies of GMO foods shows that what can be referred to as “modern foods” are seriously harming the health of the general population that may or may not know better when they consume these products. It is left to the reader to discern why these harmful foods are now the standard in America and all these studies are being ignored by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) when in Europe these food practices are banned for their negative impact on the health of the general population.
In America today it is widely known that Fast Food is regarded generally unhealthy thanks to films such as Super Size Me, but this is just a piece of the pie so to speak. Studies currently show that by switching to a purely organic diet causes health decay to not only stop, but completely reverse and a healing cycle is then naturally induced within the body. This is to say that all the foods a person may eat can still be cooked, but the food and the preparation must be purely organic. Many Americans never really think about where cancer came from. It is widely assumed that cancer and general health decay in the population was always plaguing the human race. The question then stands, why hasn’t the human race “evolved” to “adapt” to these fatally serious issues? The truth is that Cancer and relative overall health decay started when human populations were subjected to radiation and genetically altered food as well as food made from substitute chemicals. Scientists in Europe concur that the very act of eating meat lowers the human immune system substantially. The rate for which a reversal of health decay occurs greatly increases when the diet is that of purely organic but by eating vegetarian. This health cycle rate may be furthermore increased according to the Gerson Cancer Therapy by drinking daily juices in which the fruits and vegetables necessary for a healthy diet are juiced and drank so that the super nutritious enzymes may be absorbed by the body at an accelerated rate.
There has been a decent decline in cancer rates since about 1990 in which health awareness started to spread on a main stream basis. The author doesn’t intend to suggest any notions of any form of conspiracy or some such train of thought, however prevalent or obvious these notions may be. The very purpose is to show how serving organic foods in a business environment would promote great tasting food, general health of the patrons, and good profits to be had by doing so. The restaurant owners of America in the world today need to become health aware, because the general American population is becoming aware at a steadily increasing rate.
The FDA currently allows for a certified organic foods to be sold for more than their GMO counterparts. This allows for greater profits to be reaped from the use of organic foods in a business setting. The general population that is knowledgeable is general health practices is willing to pay more for organic healthy food as well. That is why many restaurants all over America are switching to organic foods, even grocery stores have organic sections within their shops now. These current trends show a market that can be easily accessed but would be much harder to corner. This promotes the traditional American free market ideal and allows for small business opportunity while creating more and more jobs as people break free of the chains of corporate GMO food processing and invest in local pure organic foods.

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