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The FDA are stunted corporate lackies and whores

A two-and-a-half year battle between Morningland and the Missouri State Milk Board over cheese embargoed at the Morningland facility will be ending on January 25 when Milk Board officials will be carting some 32,000 to 35,000 pounds of cheese off to a local landfill for disposal. Morningland owners, Joe and Denise Dixon, have invited members of the public to be present for the destruction of the cheese never proven to be harmful.
The Milk Board shut down Morningland’s manufacturing operation and ordered all cheese at the facility embargoed on August 26, 2010 after receiving a report from the California Department of Food and Agriculture that Morningland cheese seized in a raid of the Rawesome food club in Venice, California in June 2010 had tested positive for…more
If you’d like to witness the unjust conclusion at 8 a.m. on January 25, here is the farm address:
6224 County Road 2980, Mountain View, MO 65548 [map]
Donate to Morningland to assist the Dixons through the “Uncheese Party” at pledgie.com

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First-Hand Farm Raid Stories
by Pete Kennedy, Esq.