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The death shot starts going big again now that Ukraine has been exposed as a massive hoax

Ah. Another day of lies, deceit, and dishonesty by the damned. And another day we see through all of their lies, expose it, and you all wake up your friends and family, creating more and more truth tellers helping others towards freedom.

I hope.

So many people have exposed that every single one of Zelensky gay boy’s videos are A GREEN SCREEN PRODUCTION by upping the chroma values on the output and sure enough – and ironically – the Z phreak pops out as a kind of reddish demon. For real. I’ll find some of them and upload it for you, it’s that…freaky. And telling.

We are just about on Full Moon and this little fake war no longer has any steam. The more they push this bs the worse it gets exposed by the likes of folks out there with a smidgen of courage in their bones. well done.

Personally, I am very grateful for all of you standing up and standing tall in this. It’s nice to see. In years past, what with dealing with all the controlled opposition, real folks are taking real risks and doing right things to help us all. Thank you. 

Thank you very much.


Zelensky with the AZOV SS, the LEAVE NOW battalion of killers.