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The Creepers Tishrei 19

The Creepers Tishrei 19

Don Bradley October 2021

It’s Fair to say I have a real and determined bias AGAINST these things and their kind. DB

Now that the foretold chimera babies are with us—hooves on the ground, more being born daily—here is some of what parents and those with whom they will come into contact, can expect.

First, what is unusual to you is quite normal in nephilim circles. These babies are the result of ongoing incubus and succubus rituals anyways. Those kind of sex magic rituals achieve essentially the same thing; a demonic rearrangement of the DNA to a darker shade of damned by the introduction of unholy seed. Also, varying stages of possession produce an often temporary and yet similar condition to the more permanent one we now see unfolding.

To start, it’s thinking of writhing around in a pool of red blood. The very things it did before the flood, the last time it was allowed to walk the earth. It has no “thoughts” other than that. And these little critters are going to grow up quite rapidly into bipeds that are from the start, nearly uncontrollable.

Second, this is their appointed time. The stinkers know that, too. Better than most of you do, that’s of a certain. All of this has been foretold in the Holy Word, for thousands of years. It’s right there, on the written page; and as well, commented extensively by myself these long years. No one has any excuses. None of this information was ever presented in a sensational or “crazy” format. Rather, factual, with evidence and ongoing, and the WHY and WHOM of it all. The important stuff.

Now it’s upon us. In our lap, so to say. Much of what we discuss is very soon and quite quickly, going to go unstoppable worldwide as a knowledge base. What the few know the many will know. Because the questions arise and what to do about it all?

Sure, humanity can do something about it.

  • If you are weaponized, refrain from making a family right now. The laws of parental responsibility puts much on dad and mom to act responsible.
  • Bring your relationship with Adonai front and center with your loved ones right now. Today. A family strong in the Spirit of Christ cannot be assailed by these kind. This is done by doing and being; the words just are the understanding of what they see in your eyes—the Holy Spirit.
  • 18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; Ephesians 6
  • Keep the weapon out of your home at all hazards. If that has happened, there is still much you can do to help. Find out how and do them. Because they are either going to die very soon or become something that they themselves, probably don’t want to become: zombie.

Only the most High can know a person’s spiritual estate going back thousands of years. Even the most aware saints on earth rarely are aware of 3 or more lives; if that. So assuming the innocence of these plague victims…is spurious at best. Since when does anyone of us know all the millions of choices made over thousands of years regarding the nafesh of the person in front of us? Things happen for specific reasons; all is just. I know this, because I’ve had a lifetime of butt kickings, surely well deserved, to testify about. Sure, a great deal of it was because of my affiliation with Yeshua. A great deal of it was also old debts coming due.

Getting back to little junior, the creeper thing. These things are not going to be trustworthy to be around and one should EVER turn their back on one. Especially if it is walking on 2 feet and is already learning to take care of its own needs. The parents won’t have long to wait to see these disturbing and rapid changes. Wait until that day when little johnny or janey decide to kill you both; and then eat you. In many cases, CPS will take over the chimera, and bring it to a proper coven family to raise in that same old evil way. As they do.

Each one of these things will have its own attendant shadow walkers, whispers in the home from the demonic realm, and so on. In fact, this is and was, already happening around the pregnancy. If the parental units were paying attention and weren’t blind. A great many families, being satanic, are INTENTIONALLY breeders of this kind of thing.

These are your PRO Vaxxers.

Remember this. Remember it well. These creepers have a soul—a nafesh—that has been walking between the shadows as a demon for thousands of years. No rest. Often in the dry places. Never knowing a moment of peace, only rage, anger, and hate.

For thousands of years…

When we die, we either sleep or if we refuse that, become a wandering spirit. Which is actually very, very rare. Suicides often have this fate; they used their freewill to destroy the one thing that actually could have fixed their problems. Staying in the body and solving and living through the crisis at hand. The rest of us sleep until the wheel turns and as before, we come again unto earth.

The demonics don’t get to rest. There has been no sleep or a chance to come again. No peace. No resolution. No anything. And the only thing they feel is a cold, restless anger and hatred of the Light. Just like their father, Satan.

Until now.

Now, we get the walking, talking, snapper head creature of the black blood. It’s because of these things we had the flood the last time they stood and walked the land.

Words and phrases like

  • run
  • aim for the head
  • don’t let it bite you
  • what’s that nasty, funky smell? Damn…
  • Dude, its speaking in stereo!
  • Did I see, what I thought I just saw?

You’ll see. How many conversations are going to start off with these and other equally telling phrases?

But long before any of that gets real, the closed stores, the covid camps, and other realities of modern, satanic life will be and already are, front and center of our lives. Surviving the next 12 months will be a real feat of accomplishment for many of us. We are literally moving about, slightly still free to choose our day, for the most part. When you are starving and the lights just went out, you’re not thinking about chimeras.

You’re thinking about whether or not you can survive like that and for how long?

Especially with winter and late fall already upon us.

They timed the shortages precisely to land hard, right before Thanksgiving. To be sure to destroy the last NON satanic holiday this country has enjoyed for 150 years. And to set the tone of their planned hardships we all are going to face now. Which are our very own, custom to our life, Wilderness.

And no one gets out of this. Getting the weapon won’t stop the shortages, the outages, and their financial great reset of economic doom. Weaponized or no, this is a meal and journey we all have to face.

They will blame the WHOLE THING on the unweaponized.

We will be—and in many governments, we already already are—outcasts in our homelands.