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The Coen Brothers – Network Satanists

Yet another example of PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING (using the mass media to telegraph their mega-rituals to the Satanic Elite and covens.) In the movie THE BIG LEBOWSKI 1996, a few minutes into the first reel, we get a hold shot Jeff Bridges writing a check using the date 9-11-1. This indicates that the Coen Brothers have knowingly allowed the CIA and Satanic Network to use their films to communicate messages en masse. Like the Matrix and other huge films, these movies send messages. dates indicate events. And so on. Each year, a major film is chosen to put out the message. These are very evil people, know what they are doing, and its why they are rich and powerful. In addition to dates, memes, social conditioning, and other usefull aspects of telegraphing trends are employed – as well as controlling the herd’s expected obediance to forthcoming changes.

Pretty sad state of affairs and it’s only going to get much worse.

We are now in 2012. The year of the Beast. If you thought they were coming out before, from now on, it will be in your face and with a vengeance.