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The black nanoworm death machine – UPDATED ALL DAY

 Every single day I run into new horrors. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Golly, what new depths of death and depravity are in store for us? Today? Tomorrow?

How about next week?

Facing eviction now seems like a trifling affair to all this other shite.

Black nanoworms in Tampons…we never had a chance. And you women with children…breast feeding the little devils right into your child, your husband or lover, etc. Sickening that only demonic intelligences could conceive and THEN EXECUTE such a fiendish plan.

Pretty obvious, isn’t it? They want to kill us all. And it looks like they are doing it, too.


If the vax doesn’t get you, the nanoworms ALREADY HAVE.

As an aside, did you know that in CHINA, they have entire markets just for selling dead babies? It’s true. In China, they cannot buy meat or fish, against the law you know, but they can buy murdered, still born, and aborted children. Thousands, millions of shops sell whole dead babies and or parts.

I have the video footage. No one will allow it uploaded.

No one.

And the sick part is, the Chinese line up daily to buy this stuff and EAT IT.

You know why? Because YEARS AGO, they already were vaccinated in 2019 and nanowormed, and now, they are UNABLE to see how wrong cannibalism is. Or what it is doing to their bodies. 

Did you know in just the last four years, 300 million chinese nationals died. That’s right DEAD.

I haven’t mentioned these tidbits before, and I have thousands of such bits of knowing. All of it mostly horrific.

Want to see the future of the west? Look to CHINA.

This message is for those who live to see next Thanksgiving.



Here’s another one for you. I have footage of two teenagers here in the US who are standing about 50 yards from a 9 foot tall RAKE. It’s just standing there, chomping at the bit. 

It’s hungry, you know. For flesh. Anyone. But it has to be living flesh, alive.

The two kids are talking about “Oh, I see it’s been released.” 

“Yeah, just now.”

“Well, so much for hikers…”

 It’s obvious here, they are coven kids. Admiring the handiwork of their coven. And they are observing a just released and quite deadly rake into the wild to KILL.


I informed the world of this fact, last October, but now I have my proof the covens are creating and releasing rakes, as are governments. It took six months to get it.

Want more?

See what I mean? 


Three doctors are now on record, from 2006, 2014, 2016, stating that with the corona vaccine-which no one ever heard of back then- people WILL BEG FOR DEATH.


Revelation 9:6
6And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

*Did you know that rakes can run about 25 mph? Can jump up to 30 feet? Can scale vertical walls like they are using a ladder?

Oddly, and I believe this is a DNA race memory coming through, they build this domicles that look like Teepees. Yeah and these teepees made of dead tree branches, are open air affairs, sloppily built. People are finding more and more of these teepees in the wild. It’s just something rakes do. 

It’s also a dead zone. There is a zone of silence at their teepees, about 300 feet in diameter. No birds, sounds, anything. Nothing will come into the death zone.

For they are…the Living Dead.

Hey mom? Dad? If junior starts building little stick teepees in the house, keep an eye on him. He or she will grown into something that will kill you all. 

Sound fantastic? It’s UNREAL.

But, it’s a fact.


Here’s another fact you WILL hear about. Turns out 2 out of 3 vaccine recipients have come down with HERPES.

Yeah. And it breaks out all over the body.

Everywhere. Especially in places you wish it didn’t. Understand?

What they don’t know is, they had it but it never activated. SOmewhere in their past, they got it, knew about it, and it went away.

With the vax, this all wakes up again, all over the body.

Welcome to hell, Blofeld.

Rakes can be killed. Either severe the jugular or brain death, ala a bullet or arrow, you get the idea. They can be killed. IF you get to it, before it gets to you. However, I am doubtful of that chance, hitting a fast moving, weaving and bobbing target would be a total luck shot.

The things eat you while you are alive. They have the strength of ten men, hold you down, and start in just above the intestines. I don’t know why there yet, but I will find out.

I myself, Don, personally, have seen TWO rake teepees. The dead zone is quite real. As reported by others and now, myself.


All Baptist churches are NOW WOKE. Did you know that the COUNCIL OF CHURCHES was created by the CIA back in the 1950s, to control theology? Check it out. Like Evergreen, they either create or infiltrate EVERY thing of moment and then turn it inside outskee.

I’ve spent my whole life looking over churches, going to them. Not in a single one, did I find Our Father, or the Spirit of Yeshua, coming from the pulpit. Never once.

I have friends who look and look, and finally give up. 

As so it should be. The kingdom of Heaven is within, you know. Within. 

Not in some building with a secret satanic agenda.

A witch once told me, in the 1980s, that most churches have a basement, purpose built, where the place a satanic altar directly underneath the center mass of the church itself. Guess what they do down there. 

I’ve found four of these altars in churches. And Mega Churches. ALWAYS.

Go on one. Get “lost” looking for the bathroom. Head downstairs. Once in a while, the door is unlocked. Then you notice two things. Big throw carpet in the middle of the room. Look under it.

Be advised. THey now put video cameras with motion sensors, so don’t spend more than 30 seconds down there or they will KILL YOU. This almost happened to me, twice.

All catholic churches already have this affair.


Don’t you see what’s happening with things like mass herpes outbreaks? You’ve always had it, back from when you were young and foolish. But your body kept it down, your immune system, such as it is.

But now, that immune system can no longer do its job. In point of fact, every single DAY, it gets weaker and the viruses in your body, long dormant, are waking up and spreading all over. Whatever any old virus you had from whenever. 


PS. Cancer is usually viral caused. We have that to look forward to as well.


Do you not understand the time, the hour, in which we live? 

Are you not aware the Trumpets have been sounding FOR YEARS? And that I, yes I, am here to give you a way out of hell? As are others?

Must we wait until the butcher is at the door before we come to our senses and do what in our hearts, IS THE RIGHT THING.





I believe I found a way out of black nanoworm hell. 

Tesla coils cause nanoworms to pull toward the coil. I have two of them. I intend to pick a spot, and use it on myself. Every day. If at that spot these things start emerging, then voila! We have a winner.

It’s what I am being led to. I will be the guinea pig.

Here’s hoping, will start today.



Most of us just don’t know it. It usually expresses itself, at this stage, as CFS, or chronic fatigue syndrome. Always tired, no energy. It’s working, in most folks, on the thalamus, hypothalamus.

 There is a tell on when a rake is near. From experience, it gets real quiet. If you are out hiking with friends, as we do a great deal, make sure you listen to the woods.

If of a sudden, things get eerily quiet, run.



No, you do not need to go buy a tesla coil. Wait until the designated idiot tests the thing first. Me.


Not only tampons, but baby diapers as well.

Tampons are made in China and Israel. I rest my case.


 We’ve come full circle. Now, we HAVE to wear the masks again. Because, vax’d people are shedding terrible things that are making unvax’d women sterile, miscarrying, and coming down violently ill.

 I believe them when they proudly reveal that the population of the USA will be less than 100 millions in 3 years.

Genocide times. End of day stuff.


Matthew 24

22And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. 


No, I am NOT a prophet. Just been doing this work for 3 decades. Longer, in some areas, my whole life.


The black nanoworms have vertebrae, like an alien movie. Morgellons usually causes CFS and a slow destruction of one’s immune system. It gets worse as time goes by.

These evil bastardos.

Mask Worm black nanoworms vs Thread vs Human Hair

When the vax stuff hits you, change sets in. Little odd behavioral thingies, at first. Various and extreme illnesses start cropping up.

See…the body is dying. It’s what’s happening. I know. It’s happening to my father. A sixth generation preacher.

Then the light in the eyes fades, because there are so very many holes in the aura, the Soul of the Man, vacates the rotting shell. Problem is, for those without the Holy Spirit, entities can enter during that time.