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The begging bowl

Caregiver took my picture as I awoke from surgery. Wow…still alive…

I’m loath to do it, but this whole slice up the dorkboy thingy has come in about near $6,000.00 more than planned.

Lambies love the Daily Dork

So, if’n y’all can spare whatever and send it either paypal (don@uwantson.com) or mail
Don Bradley
POB 1576
Oak View, CA 93022

Whatever, every little bit will help. My usual income thingy has been slashed by two thirds, and then this thing came. At the worst time. (As these things tend to do)

And I’m unable to do anything about for at least 4-6 weeks, because of the extensive landscaping they did to me.

Me and the boys would be very grateful.

Randy is doing much better, says hello.