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The Ashkenazi problem, joobies:On October 5, 2012 a Christian newspaper in Denmark published an interview with Joseph Harmatz (87), a Jew originally from Vilnius in Lithuania.

In the interview Harmatz, now living in Tel Aviv, Israel, proudly recalls how he together with other Jews, planned to poison the water supply in five large German cities after the end of WWII (Plan A). They could themselves ‘the avengers’. They also planned to poison thousands of German POWs (actually, at the end of the war, they should NOT have been considered POWs, but that is the excuse the Americans used to keep them fenced in, out in the open, in death camps) by spiking their bread rations with arsenic (Plan B). They carried out these plans.

According to the newspaper, there was a problem with Plan A. Poisoning the water supply also put American troops in Germany, and the judges who were to prosecute the Nazis, at risk. “We couldn’t care less about the Germans or the Americans, they were goy”, Harmatz told the Danish journalist.

Harmatz is considered a hero in Israel to this day…for planning and killing untold thousands.

A synagogue with Satan…that’s Israel in our time.