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The 5th Wave (5G) At The Super Bowl


Look at any modern navy’s early years: when we first put radar on the boats, the sailors would hear an audible click or pop when the radar swept over them. eventually the navy realized that the radar signal was ionizing water molecules in the brain, a literal steam explosion, and that’s what they were hearing. after that the radar assemblies were moved on top of the conning tower to protect the sailors, but it was always dangerous. it was always ionizing radiation.

now when oxygen becomes ionized it doesn’t bond to the hemoglobing in your blood properly, which uses iron to do it. this means your blood cannot deliver oxygen to other cells, even though it’s saturated from oxygen. eventually you have a lung attack, and start to suffer from multiple organ failure and hypoxic encephalopathy as your body suffocates to death. well that’s what is going on with corona, people are dying on oxygen and the doctors can’t figure out why.