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Thank you and double buggles!

FYI A buggle is a hug filled with love!

Thank you for being patient with all these blog and other changes. They were necessary to adapt to increasing restrictions on other sites and of course, that may happen here too. As these things tend to do. But, it’s January and for me, that’s when I usually like to make adjustments to diet, life, understanding and whatever… Why not.

For many years, a core group of people I have yet to meet on this dimension have kept with the heart thingies, have stayed the course in spiritual discovery, and like moi, are doing their best to make sense of all of these massive changes occurring all around us. To you I’d like to say, “thanks for being in the wagon with me. You’ve made doing it all worthwhile.”

Remember…the purpose of all this information is for understanding. For in understanding can come love, rather than hate. Once you understand the varying truths of Earth, then judgement goes out the window and compassion takes its place. That’s the point of all this posted info and articles. To reveal that which is concealed.

Once we collectively understand and confront the problems of our world, then we can be those necessary changes that influence and affect the world around us. This is my personal goal. To be that guy.

Sure, it can be hard, very often frustrating when others live blindly and filled with hate-filled rage, but it is the way. I believe this. I know this. All other modalities are proven failures. Save this one.

So, double buggles to you all and thanks again for being there.