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Texas power outage was a deep state false flagged HOAX

There was no need for ANY power outage at all. There’s a big report on this down the page a ways, I’ll hit a few bullet points:

1. It is now proven that the deep state did it on purpose, because ZERO (0) AND I MEAN ZERO wind generators shut down, and they were the excuse the deep state used to explain why the power went out. They hatched a lie that “freezing rain built up on the blades, thus forcing shut down” and then simply switched off the entire 30 gigawatts the wind turbines could produce under ideal conditions, via the shutdown of coal, nuclear, and natural gas. PROBLEM: Not only were ZERO wind turbines actually shut down, but they over produced – they produced far more power than is anticipated at this time of the year. If that had not happened, the problem would have been even worse.

2. They hatched a lie that natural gas powered electric could not make up for the wind turbines that shut down “because the filters in the natural gas systems froze”. PROBLEM: As it turns out, there were ZERO (0) incidents of gas outages due to frozen filters, and the real problem was that homes were using more gas than usual, which competed with the gas the power generating facilities used. That was not enough to cause a problem.

3. THE REAL PROBLEM: Coal and nuclear were switched off. There was no reason for this. There were no coal shortages and absolutely no reason to switch off the nuclear reactors, other than to cause a crisis.

In the end, here is what actually happened: Excess wind power made up for the competition for natural gas, and kept what little of Texas was powered running, while coal and nuclear were switched off. The scamming communists then hatched the story about frozen wind turbines and never expected anyone to call them on their lie. THIS IS WHAT VOTE FRAUD LOOKS LIKE. WELCOME TO AGGRESSIVE COMMUNIST MANIPULATION OF INFRASTRUCTURE, BACKED UP BY MSM LIES.

And if “they” want to snope that, I’d like to see Snopes debunk what ARS technica said, though what ARS said was said sideways, at least if you read the entire report and summed it up, the truth could be gleaned from it. FACT: BIDEN AND THE COMMUNISTS JUST WAGED WAR ON TEXAS, probably because Texas is being a bit too rebellious for them. And now Texans are going to have to bear the brunt of receiving power for up to $12,300 per megawatt hour wholesale, when it is supposed to cost right around $17 per megawatt hour wholesale.

On top of the frozen water pipes and deaths, the deep state just financially devastated Texas. And Joe Tex WILL be forced to pay. They are not going to back off on using the crisis to commit financial crimes against the people of Texas, they absolutely WILL force people who got ambushed by 1000X (100,000%) rate increases to pay. It’s their money anyway, RIGHT? They can steal whatever they want because nobody shoots their *sses.

Here is how they got away with raping the public for so much money: Various providers within the Texas power system were operating on trust and simply set their rate acceptance to “auto”. So someone who had infiltrated the system (SHIN BET) was waiting to pounce on this disaster because they knew it was coming. For about a day they increased it 1,000 times normal (with devastating prices not quite as high for a longer period), and that just went through the system and got charged to customers. Just wait for the bills to arrive! It will be horrific beyond belief.