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Tesla’s Self-Proclaimed ‘World’s Safest Cars’ Actually Among The World’s Deadliest

The statistic of self ignition after an accident and burning itself and it’s occupants to a black charred powder in it’s original configuration as it comes from the factory unmolested kind of speaks for itself.
TESLA=charred powder through lithium ion battery ignition=no thanks.
That’s the difference, TYVM.
 Self-crematoria feature is built into the seat belt. It can not be disabled  🙂

First off, let’s get something straight. AI is hype and a scam.
There is NO SUCH THING AS AI. There is only CPU speed and storage capacity. Computers can only remember patterns and recall them as fast as the CPU can handle they cannot create.
Until the day a computer can lie to you in order to change your opinion on a subject, it is NOT AI, but only pattern recognition.
As of today, there is no such thing as AI… There is, of course, lots of hot money running around loving with Hype.
Think about it…Robot dogs that can jump an keep their balance or win at chess are merely past “Pattern Recognition.”
It is not AI and won’t be until scientists can create life from nothing.
AI (and Virtual reality) are bullshit).

Submitted by @ElonBachman
If there’s one thing that Elon Musk likes more than pseudoprofundity, it’s superlatives. Small wonder, then, that the company that brought us the Gigafactory, Superchargers, and Ludicrous Mode has had an easy time convincing its fan base that Tesla makes the “safest car on the road”:

Total BS. Stats prove Tesla cars as rated against other brands, have a HIGHER FATALITY RATE than other brands, other models

Lurkers on Tesla forums can confirm that these safety superlatives are articles of faith among Tesla’s flock, and apparently this faith is shared by Wall Street: Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas recently predicted that Tesla’s Model 3 will be “an order of magnitude” safer than the average car. On May 18, Jonas went even further, claiming that after 7.2 billion miles, Teslas have only been “involved” in five U.S. fatalities.
Wait, what? Observant Twitter users were quick to dispute both Musk and Jonas. Following Jonas’ initial note, pseudonymous poster @ElonBachman crowd-sourced a list over a dozen US fatalities. Jonas was out shortly after with a new note admitting to 15 deaths globally. But the internet doesn’t sleep: as of today, @ElonBachman’s list has grown to include 40 Tesla fatalities globally, including 14 U.S. deaths of Tesla drivers and occupants and a Wile E. Coyote-esque smattering of deaths-by-cliff and deaths-by-swimming-pool. A link to that list, and the sources behind it, is included below the following table:

[link to Google docs here]
What do these numbers mean?
First: they mean that you should not rely on the sell-side for either accuracy or insight. Second: they mean that Musk’s “safest car” claim is bunk. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety lists numerous luxury cars in Tesla’s class that have zero recorded fatalities (link here: http://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/driver-death-rates), which would seem to disqualify the Model S and Model X (we’ll come back to the Model 3 in a minute).
What of Musk’s “4x safer than average” claim? This is tricky because in road safety statistics, as in Princess Bride, there are different kinds of “death.” Luckily, another Musk tweet gives us clues as to how Tesla calculates its deaths:

What a lying pile of excrement. His “stats” are skewed by including every kind accident that can happen on a road, especially pedestrian and bicycle. Total Con Artist.

The NHTSA “fatality” measure that Musk references includes motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians, as well as drivers and occupants. If we exclude occupants of other cars from the table above, then there have been 28 Tesla fatalities globally—that Twitter knows of, anyway. Dividing 7.2 billion miles by 28 deaths gives 257 million miles per death, notably worse than Musk’s claim of 320 million. Perhaps you are inclined to cut Musk some slack; after all, this is still safer than the average car. But the average car is 11 years old, is small, is driven by a younger and less affluent demographic, and lacks the safety features that come on a $100,000 vehicle. Midsize luxury sedans and SUVs in Tesla’s class have death rates far lower than Tesla’s.
Which brings us to the Model 3, Tesla’s “mass market” car offering Kia-level styling starting at $50,000. but really costing 75,000-more than a top of the line E series Mercedes. Model 3 deaths have yet been reported, multiple crashes have (including this one), and of course as of the end of Q1 2018 Tesla had only shipped around 10,000 of them (just somewhat fewer than the 200,000 or so that Musk originally  predicted would be on the road by then).
If a recent Consumer Reports article is any indication (“The Tesla’s stopping distance of 152 feet from 60 mph was far worse than any contemporary car we’ve tested and about 7 feet longer than the stopping distance of a Ford F-150 full-sized pickup”), Morgan Stanley may have to update its Tesla fatality figures again soon. But it won’t. These big MSM rags are part of the same satanic network as Tesla and Musk. And being a CIA window dressing whore for the new memes of Agenda 21, expect nothing but Elizabeth Holmes style lies every time he opens his glory hole.


Tesla makes up what .1% or less of the cars on the road?
If you look at deaths per unit volume, a Tesla is a death trap.

I’m afraid that I’m compelled into a stat prof position and have to point out that accident number is meaningless without any information about accident rate.
It’s that latter number that would mean something and it’s not there. A comparison to some similar human driven sedan accident RATE would be nice.
Still, that aside: Tesla is doomed and Musk is an accident waiting to be reported.

Its the 21st Century version of a Ford Pinto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember Gas Tanks exploding and bursting the entire car into FLAMES !!!!

The Tesla electric PINTO !   

For $100,000 this car is a piece of CRAP !


Ha, Muck claimed that Tesla can “update” the cars software on the fly to make it stop in less feet.
Problem is, Muck, you cant make the calipers & brakes larger, you idiot. Worse than a shitty Ford f150? Did they even TEST the car before mass production?
Also, to how good an AUTONOMOUS car needs to be? It’s in the fucking title. It needs to be FULLY self driving, in all road conditions.
Anything less, and you have yourself a nice Darwin machine: the idiots who decide to trust the computer will undoubtedly fall asleep, play cards, read their news on the iPhone, etc. and die left and right when the not-fully-autonomous car decides to speed up into a fire engine (must like red a lot).


The only people STUPID ENOUGH TO stay in MUSK’s CON GAME, are all the shareholders, and the 400,000 dummy’s who still have a deposit for a Model 3 they gave away free to Musk. 


Elon claimed you could fall asleep at the wheel and a Tesla would get you home. That every Tesla contains the hardware to be 100% autonomous.
I don’t care if the lawyers added “keep your hands on the wheel”. Elon Musk who owns the company claimed the car is 100% autonomous and is the safest car ever made.
If that isn’t the case, he should go to jail and Tesla should be sued out of existence. I worked for a company that was put out of business by false claims made by our competitor. We never even said anything untrue about our products, but the judge allowed the case because it was determined that the products were close enough in appearance that a consumer could have been duped into buying our product by the false claims, believing our products performed in that way.
It cost us $2 million to fight the lawsuits and we never recovered, but Elon can make hundreds of false claims about the performance of his cars and get away with it? Not only that but be given a mega multi billion dollar marketcap?
Anyone that defends Tesla deserves to be thrown in the pit with Musk.

Tesla specifically tells drivers not to rely on auto-pilot and to keep their hands on the wheel etc.

That’s the lamest cop-out ever.  If you want the driver responsible, don’t turn on the auto-pilot.  What point is there to an auto-pilot if the driver is responsible?  None.  They use that stupid line to try to avoid lawsuits while advertising “hands free driving”.  It’s actually despicable.

I see them being tested every day.
There is no way, in any foreseeable future, that these things will ever remotely be road worthy.
Remember these are being made by companies using computers on systems that can’t be be run reliably.
Ask any network operator from any of the car co’s and they’ll tell you it’s miraculous their networks run at all.

How in the hell are these autobots supposed to work?


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If I had one of those things I’d have a certain sense of anxiety every time I got in it and heard the doors lock. You just can’t escape the fact that under certain conditions the thing is a death trap and the makers are doing everything possible to avoid dealing with the issue(s).
I remember looking at the H3 with it’s tiny windows and thinking the same thing. That in an accident I don’t think i could get out of the damn thing if the doors were jammed. Another one was the Audi R8 that had somewhat of a bad history of bursting into flames unexpectedly.
The difference is those issues were addressed, either by the market or by the manufacturer. What we see with TESLA is just “mushroom marketing” Keep ’em in the dark and feed ’em bullshit. That type of PR just can’t and won’t go on forever At some point there will be a market correction as the auto’s reality hits more and more people.

Ever actually ridden in a Tesla?
I was excited to try the Model S until I realized the thing felt like a Corolla. Cheap interior and the screen felt gaudy.
I have a BMW and a Mercedes. Both are far nicer.


 That stopping distance is absolutely CRIMINAL. If they cheaped out on the brakes which should be extremely important for a (practically) autonomous car, where else did they cheap out? That thing should have a stopping distance under 115-120 ft AT LEAST. 152 ft is completely substandard.
 The self important techno assholes selling these coffins on wheels conveniently fail to mention that these are essentially for city driving. And that begs the question why aren’t  they taking public transportation instead of burning grid energy? I’m sure Al Greenhouse Gore knows the answer. Meanwhile, take your Tesla for a country spin and wind up in a pond.
 I am trying to look at things in a non biased fashion. There is not enough information made available to come to conclusion for me. I always make efforts to look at things from point of view science. So let’s break any accident into two parts 1)The point of action when high probability of accident comes to light (Driver or AI) 2)Events beyond that point.
Phase 1)At what point was AI turned on? Few seconds before or all the time? If it’s all the time then there is no argument AI is inferior to what is being communicated. If few seconds before then by laws of physics, pressing that button initiates series of physics dynamics i.e. pressing the button sends information in form of electrons to the chips, which switches the inert chip on (else you will accuse the car of spying, if its on all the time). The chip then gathers information from other instruments and performs some computations. Such computations would let’s say result into a braking sub routine. Which then send information out to brakes to be applied. This phase 1 by laws of physics would take some seconds. If t representing time t0 = pressing of button, t1 = impact, t2 = information sent to brakes. Then if t0 – t1 < t0 – t2. There is nothing AI can do! Unless someone expects AI to do time travel.