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Tesla model S dents fender…THEN EXPLODES

In the latest conflagration involving a Tesla car unexpectedly bursting into flames, a Model S burned to a crisp after an accident on an Austrian highway on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Tiroler Tageszeitung, a Tesla Model S had an accident on the Arlberg Expressway (S16) in Pians. 

For an electric car to EXPLODE AND BURN TO THE GROUND, how safe are these 100k ego boxes? And they burn fast, made out of glue – no welds, because and all plastic and aluminum car CAN NEVER BE WELDED – and 3M tape. 

Stick with mercedes…for that kind of money. At least they are double steel walled welded and bolted at every key stress point.

But…I forgot…the Tesla is so hip, so trendy, so SJW stupid.

estimated speed on impact, 20mph