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Tesla is a double-dealing huckster for the Agenda 21 aspect of the NWO

Elon Musk stepped on stage at Tesla’s product-launch event earlier this month, he knew the market’s confidence in Tesla’s brand had sunk to an all-time low since he took over the company a decade ago. So, he resorted to a tactic that should be familiar to anybody who has been following the company: Blather and Bullshit, the hallmarks of a grifter con artist.

While the event was ostensibly scheduled to introduce Tesla’s new semi-truck – a model that won’t make it’s market debut for another two years, assuming Tesla sticks to its product-roll out deadline – Musk had a surprise in store: A new model of the Tesla Roadster that, he bragged, would be the fastest production car ever sold.

Not only impossible, but a proven flat out lie.

Musk made similarly lofty claims about the battery life and performance of both vehicles. The Tesla semi-trucks, he said, would be able to travel for 500 miles on a single charge. The roadster could clock a staggering 620 – more than double the closest challenger.

There was just one problem, as Tesla fans would later find out, courtesy of Bloomberg: None of it was true. Like with most of his BS announcements, he tells amazing whoppers, without blanching, then gets the tax payer to pay for his operating costs. Like his fake space program. There are videos on the internet of his so-called shuttle rockets exploding over the Atlantic, while the devils at NASA and Musk, claim it was a successful flight of supplies to their fictional space station.

The shit piles so high with these people you need stream wader boots to slog through it all.

In fact, many of the promises defy the capabilities of modern battery technology.

Elon Musk knows how to make promises – all he does is make promises, lie, and piles more lies to cover his other lies – A TRUE CON ARTIST SUPREME. Even by his own standards, the promises made last week while introducing two new Tesla vehicles—the heavy-duty Semi Truck and the speedy Roadster—are monuments of envelope pushing total bullshit.

To deliver, according to close observers of battery technology, Tesla would have to far exceed what is currently thought possible. Ever. And it would require car frames twice the size of modern vehicles to carry the weight, off setting any gains made by his alleged magical batteries. And liberal virtue signalling suckers buy these plastic turd mobiles as fast as they can. That’s how gullible and retarded the Hillary crowd is.

Take the Tesla Semi: Musk vowed it would haul an unprecedented 80,000 pounds for 500 miles on a single charge, then recharge 400 miles of range in 30 minutes. That would require, based on Bloomberg estimates, a charging system that’s 10 times more powerful than one of the fastest battery-charging networks on the road today—Tesla’s own Superchargers.

The diminutive Tesla Roadster is promised to be the quickest production car ever built. But that achievement would mean squeezing into its tiny frame a battery twice as powerful as the largest battery currently available in an electric car.

These claims are so far beyond current industry standards for electric vehicles that they would require either advances in battery technology or a new understanding of how batteries are put to use, said Sam Jaffe, battery analyst for Cairn Energy Research in Boulder, Colorado. In some cases, experts suspect Tesla might be banking on technological improvements between now and the time when new vehicles are actually ready for delivery.

“He is flat out a liar,” Jaffe said. “I think they left something out of the public reveal that would have explained how these numbers work. Because they don’t. And never will.”

While Jaffe seems inclined to give Tesla the benefit of the doubt, there’s little, if anything, in Musk’s recent behavior to justify this level of credulity. In recent months, Musk has repeatedly suffered the humiliation of seeing his lies and half-truths exposed. For example, the self-styled “visionary” claimed during the unveiling of the Model 3 Sedan that he would have 1,500 copies of the new model ready for customers by the end of the third quarter. Instead, the company managed a meager 260 models as factory-line workers at its Fremont, Calif. factory struggled to assemble the vehicles by hand as the Model 3 assembly line hadn’t been completed.

Increasingly agitated customers who placed deposits with Tesla back in March 2016 have begun asking for refunds, only to be chagrined by the company’s sluggish response. While nobody in the mainstream press has (somewhat bafflingly) made the connection, Tesla revealed earlier this month that it burned an unprecedented $1.4 billion of cash during the third quarter – or roughly $16 million per day – despite Elon Musk’s assurance that Tesla had its “all-time best quarter” for Model S and X deliveries.

And let’s not forget the fiasco surrounding Tesla’s autopilot software. Musk has repeatedly exaggerated its performance claims. And customers who paid more than $8,000 for a software upgrade more than a year ago have been repeatedly disappointed by delays and sub-par performance. Auto pilot in Tesla cars tend to kill its users, over and over again. A little point the media and government tend to ignore. Why?

Musk’s exaggerations about the Tesla Roadster were particularly egregious.

Tesla claims that its new $200,000 Roadster is the quickest production car ever made, clocking zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds. Even crazier is the car’s unprecedented battery range: some 620 miles on a single charge. That’s a longer range than any battery-powered vehicle on the road—almost twice as long as Tesla’s class-leading Model S and Model X.

To achieve such power and range, Musk said the tiny Roadster will need to pack a massive 200-kilowatt-hour battery. That’s twice the size of any battery Tesla currently has on the road. Musk has previously said he won’t be making the packs bigger on the Model S and Model X because of space constraints. So how can he double the pack size in the smaller Roadster?

BNEF’s Morsy has a twofold answer. First, he expects Tesla will probably double-stack battery packs, one on top of the other, beneath the Roadster’s floor. That creates some engineering problems for the battery-management system, but those should not be insurmountable. Still, Morsy said, the batteries required would be too large to fit in such a small frame.

“I really don’t think the car you saw last week had the full 200 kilowatt hours in it,” Morsy said. “I don’t think it’s physically possible to do that right now.”

$200,000.00 for a plastic electric car that has a realistic range-given its frame size and ability to support the weight of its highly toxic lithium battery-of 70 miles. But, you can bet the satanic Hildebeast crowd will buy them hand over fist just to push this whole agenda 21 slavery agenda down the rest of the world’s throats.

Tell me, Elon, how many satanic rape rituals have you attended at Bohemian Grove? How many young boys did you rape and murder, covered in blood. It was 3 wasn’t it? It was. Does the world know you are a NAMBLA donation vector? Why do you try to hide this part of your life from your public persona? Let’s face it…you are a lying, two-faced grifter who murders in satanic rituals and were rewarded by being the Zuckerberg of automobiles. Do your sex partners know you have three venereal diseases and are impotent?

Is it possible that, thanks to incremental improvements in battery density and cost, Musk somehow manages to hit these lofty targets? Perhaps, though, as Bloomberg points out, the fact that Musk is basing these claims on a set of projections that haven’t yet been realized is hardly confidence inspiring.
To be sure, there’s an important caveat to Musk’s claims. While they may be staggeringly exaggerated, there’s still the possibility that incremental improvements in battery technology will make these targets more feasible by the time the models hit the market.

Again, Musk may be banking on the future. While Tesla began taking deposits on the Roadster immediately—$50,000 for the base model—the first vehicles won’t be delivered until 2020. Meanwhile, battery density has been improving at a rate of 7.5 percent a year, meaning that by the time production starts, packs will be smaller and more powerful, even without a major breakthrough in battery chemistry.

“The trend in battery density is, I think, central to any claim Tesla made about both the Roadster and the Semi,” Morsy said. “That’s totally fair. The assumptions on a pack in 2020 shouldn’t be the same ones you use today.”

However, in its analysis of the feasibility of Musk’s claims, Bloomberg overlooked one crucial detail: Back in August, the company’s veteran director of battery technology, Kurt Kelty, unexpectedly resigned to “explore new opportunities,” abruptly ending a tenure with the company that stretched for more than a decade, and comes at a critical time for Elon Musk.
Kelty’s resignation – part of an exodus of high-level executives that is alarming in and of itself – hardly inspires confidence in Tesla’s ability to innovate. We’ve noticed a trend with Tesla: The more the company under delivers, the more Musk over promises. The main and obvious definable quality of a con man and huckster. Call them on their BS, and they just spew more BS. The only reason Tesla stock is so high is because many Federal reserve banks constantly buy up Tesla stock to drive the prices up, creating an illusion of a company that is doing well and is going places. Tesla is a Bernie Madoff business scam, that is the main direction of Agenda 21 –  Cars that don’t go very far, cost so much only the rich can afford them, and are completely controlled by remote so anyone breaking from the plan will be dealt with violently, ala Michael Hastings. Within ten years, all new cars will be over priced versions of this plastic pile of shit.

In our opinion, this is not a sustainable business strategy.  What it is, is a public persona of con artistry that bunko squads warn people about who promise the moon, and you end up with empty wallets. Especially the tax payer.