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Tesla Belonging To Mary McCormack Husband Spontaneously Combusts In LA Street

 Mobile crematorium units 

 Hal: “Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave? No Dave, I’ve locked the doors and the autopilot is now engaged, Dave. No, Dave, there is no escape from the burning battery. We designed it that way.”

Who knew that Teslas now come with Elon Musk’s famous “not a flamethrower” flamethrower included?
The Tesla Model S belonging to the husband of actress Mary McCormack spontaneously combusted in Los Angeles. In a late Friday tweet, the West Wing actress said that flames burst out of the undercarriage – most likely the car’s battery compartment – while her husband was driving the car on Santa Monica boulevard in Los Angeles.
“No accident,out of the blue, in traffic on Santa Monica Blvd.  Thank you to the kind couple who flagged him down and told him to pull over. And thank god my three little girls weren’t in the car with him”

In the 45-second clip, a police officer can be heard warning onlookers to “stand clear” of the car in case it blows. It was not immediately clear if McCormack recorded the footage, although police dispatch radio can be heard in the background.
The latest Tesla fiasco comes amid growing criticism of Musk’s production methods and scrutiny for Tesla over the safety of its vehicles following multiple crashes in recent months, several of which deadly.
A recent NTSB report found a Model X car running on autopilot was accelerating as it hit a barrier on a California highway, killing the driver. Regulators said that the lithium-ion battery in the electric car was breached following the crash, causing a fire to break out as the wreckage sat by the roadside, then proceeded to reignite several days later.
It increasingly appears that the Tesla car battery is the car’s – and company’s – weakest link, prompting questions into the logic behind Musk’s investment of billions of dollars into battery production facilities.
In a recent controversial outburst, Musk lashed out at reports scrutinising Tesla car safety, saying the media focuses on its accidents while ignoring more frequent crashes of conventional vehicles.
Alas, incidents such as McCormack’s will not help the car’s track record, especially if the Hollywood elite, led by anti-Trump resistance leader, Chelsea Handler, make it “uncool” for celebs to be seen in the spontaneous combusting sarcophagus. This is what an outraged Handler said in response to the burning Model S:

This happened to my bff today. Who drives 3 girls daily in this car. @elonmusk @Tesla I have the same model and make. So, how many of these are on the road?

source zerohedge


Even if I was worth over $15 million, it seems a waste of money to own what some people think is a status symbol, when you can buy a very nice car for less than half the price.   And you don’t have to spend a lot of time at a charging station or wall outlet.  With a wall outlet, it takes 52 hours to get 300 miles of charge, with a 240 V outlet, it takes 9.5 hours, and with a 240 V 90 Amp outlet (which costs quite a bit I’d imagine), it only takes 4.75 hours.  This isn’t good for long distance travel unless you only go about 300 mi/day.  

Jim Chanos: Tesla Equity is ‘Worthless’

Submitted by Taps Coogan on the 15th of December 2017 to The Sounding Line.
Legendary short seller Jim Chanos, the man who predicted the implosion of Enron, had this to say about Tesla in a recent interview with CNBC:

“Mr. Musk and Tesla have a broad broad interpretation of the truth. There have been all kinds of announcements that this company has made, just in flippant comments, that are public statements that turned out not to be true. For example, most recently he unveiled the Semi, the Tesla Semi and the Roadster, and he said the Semi will be available in 2019, the Roadster in 2020. Where is he producing those? Those production lines have to be up and approved now, years before we get final production.”
“Mercedes Benz has electric semis on the roads right now testing. You don’t hear them crowing about this every day. You don’t see the CEO coming out. They’re on the roads testing and so its not as if electric semi-cabs are new. They’ve been out and so it’s remarkable that this company keeps hyping things that are already out.”
“We’re puzzled but don’t ask us, just ask the score of executives who have left in the last two years. We have a spreadsheet. We have to keep expanding the spreadsheet because it keeps growing.”

When asked if he had a price target for Tesla equity, Mr. Chanos replied:

“We think the equity is worthless, so how is zero?… A company that is wholly dependent on the capital markets has to assume that the capital markets will always stay open to them and that’s a very dicey proposition in my lifetime.”