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Tens of thousands go in…but they NEVER come out UPDATED

Camps 2021

Don Bradley

Where is the body disposal? Or is that off site, to keep the inmates unawares? 

You know, in 1998/99 I did a multi state inspection of rumors of concentration camps that were built for some big event that was to take place, no one knew what or when. I found them and published, under the Nome de plume, RICK VESTER. Just in Arizona and California, I found so many that the magnitude of it all just took my joy away for some years. Any time I was happy about the day, these images and thoughts would drift back in and ruin it.

It still does.

How many you might ask? Over 600.

They mostly do not LOOK like prisons. What I had largely discovered were holding pens, outside of major metros and in DOT utility yards. That’s right. DOT.

In the main—and they are still there—they are large lots, with fences all around, with the barbed wire pointing inward, toward the threat. Not outward. Rense, who had me on the show many times, wouldn’t touch it and also, wouldn’t touch my chemtrail research. That hurt. At the time. To my face, he said chemtrails were total BS. So, in defiance of being shunned by everyone, I wrote and directed the CLOUDS OF DEATH video, again in May 2002. In those days. Of course, then it WAS bleeding edge, but that’s me. On the front of things. Not by any design, just the way things fell out in my life path. I’m happy to report that Jeff Rense did come round, a few years later and no one was more pleased than I that he was putting many long hours of shows with others, revealing this great crime.

I often wonder what kind of life I might have had, had I not followed where the Divine kept leading me. That was a long time ago. It sickens me that these issues have come to fruition.

They are building MASSIVE prisons, in every country. NO ONE is covering this in the kind of field detail I did, all those years ago. I put the research into a book called AMERICA 2000 AND BEYOND, which took years to write. No one would publish me. The manuscript was stolen. I found the rough draft, but since most of it has come true already, publishing would be moot. No one would believe today that I actually finished the book on the full moon of May, 1999. 635 pages worth of full detail.

I remember that week in exquisite detail. It was the week I had finished the audio book for AMERICA 2000 AND BEYOND. It was the week I prayed to our heavenly father in tears and repentance to please, please, let me be a wholesome man and father to my sons. Give me a second chance to do it right, before I passed away. He honored that prayer, as He always does.

I put two long years into the camp story. Took pictures, was followed by the FBI and CIA in box surveillance (what they call gang stalking now) night and day. NIGHT AND DAY.

In 1998, David John Oates and I did some seminars together in the midwest. He, the founder and discoverer of REVERSE SPEECH and I, on Dad stuff, camps, and chemtrails. We had box surveillance everywhere we went. Slashed tires, drained oil from engines, bolts loosened on breaks. I have hundreds of stories from those days, from the funny to the dead body kind. They murdered his daughter and honey potted him. He fell for it and left the country.

I stuck with my sons and refused the bait. I was betrayed by NEW FRIENDS constantly. But, I am a fast learner. 

I still see them. There are more. On the edges of town is where you find them. The larger ones have an empty moat, directly outside the fencing. Especially out in the inhospitable desert. A single building, maybe two. And nothing. Plumbing outlets with no attachments. Ready to go.

It also became quickly obvious these were temporary facilities. These were put into place as holding centers for final disposition. I learned about Red, blue, and green lists and what those color codings mean.

All I can tell you is what I said then still holds true. They are planning a big extermination. Enjoy this summer.

It will be your last as a free people…kind of.

40Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 41Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Matthew 24

And the above has Not a Thing to do with any new age rapture, pre or post.

Don Bradley

PS Since those days, I’ve spent nearly every day, of every month and year, trying to inform the world of what was coming and whom was doing it to them. Our Father showed me everything. I’ve always and still do ask, why cannot we give ALL to them. In it’s appointed time, which took me years to understand. Kind of.

I labor because I volunteered, long before I was born do to this work. I give what I can, when I can. Asking for more, or detail that others should now be doing, is not my job. My job is to inform, reveal, and present the danger, the enemy, the way to True Freedom, which is in Yeshua Christ Jesus. Through him, all things are knowable.

But you have to sacrifice. Life, money, and mostly PRIDE. Or He cannot use you. Ever. Then the blessing pours down, which others can only read about. You live in a wonder land of spiritual awareness and understanding of His Holy Word and Ways.

It’s the only thing that keeps me going. Frankly.

And my love for you all. For we are brethren.

You must understand this. We are family.

Start acting like everyone is your child and do SOMETHING.

PSS I still have a box of audio tapes of that book, in cassette form with copyright 1999 still etched on them. No one has a tape player. I do. Never got around to converting that stuff to CD. And now, it doesn’t matter. Because it is in our face.