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Watch the real reason for all this wag the dog war fakery: SWIFT 

Don Bradley 2-27-22

A few days of old video game footage and a few crisis actors was all it took to kick of the new world players and control of ALL money by Russia and China plus India. Instead of blaming it on the WEF NWO devils, it’s all muh Putin…

We are so generally stupid and gullible. It’s just painful to watch. Did we learn nothing from the Corona Hoax?

Did we?

The war is a nothing burger. Its all just a scapegoat to facilitate kicking Russia out of SWIFT, which will doom the EU and USA because they are completely dependent on Russian natural gas, and gas/electricity prices are high enough there as it is.

And, here comes the NEW (pre-planned) system to replace it, which is controlled by SOCIAL CREDIT, has its basis in Moscow and Beijing rather than Wall Street. We get digital ID, Vax Weapon Passport for ALL transactions. 

The NWO system is coming to the surface. No one will like it.

The fact they have to do a fake out war with Ukraine to push it over FAST with no questions asked reveals just how evil and bad this will be. No review. No debate. No choice in the matter. 

They are finally and openly, going after the world’s money en toto. This allows them to create financial panics that will make doing business in the coming weeks and months that will keep crashing the system, so that when the FINAL SYSTEM IS ROLLED OUT, PEOPLE ARE BEGGING FOR IT, SO THAT GAS WILL COME DOWN FROM $18.00 A GALLON.


Destroying the world’s economy of billions was and is part of their plan all along.

They’re establishing macro-economic regions.

 Remember this from the article from Dec 27th, 2021?

  • The banks go dark. This is planned. We do not have a date yet, but it fits as a reason for the loss of Manhattan island as the reason. Take out wall street, the UN, the big banking syndicates in NYC and they get what they want. A reset of evil.
  • The US economy vanishes entirely, in every respect. Any food made available will be to the vax weaponized ONLY.
  • The mandatory use of the new currency already revealed; holographic, QRS encoded currency. This is the first currency ever that’s value can be turned off or on, via the QRS embedded code. So, even if you have the bills, they can be remotely made worthless or viable electronically. They will KNOW who has what bills, where they are, and their value—which they can turn off at will. Step out of line, your money is worthless.Great Reset goes into a visible, in your face, acceleration. No longer hiding behind a facade of BS, they will be verbally and demonstrably open about intent, doings, and their hatred of humanity.War. In the middle east and in the western pacific. Does really matter what countries and why? They lie about everything and we can expect no different with regard to any greater or smaller wars they come up with. Big time vax resistant countries, like Poland and others, will be especially targeted. Can’t have a country not under beast control, so while the world deals with tsunamis, banking crises, and other issues, they will mobilize and destroy those provinces and countries worldwide that are not on board with any new currency or the vax weapon pogrom. 

And we didn’t have to wait long, because February was the month they kicked this plan off from their long planned schedule of NWO doom for the world.