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Stonehenge is fake

I came across this proof about 7 years ago. It’s quite clear by the research–and I have tons on the subject–that Stonehenge once existed as a motley collection of ancient ruins in complete decomposition. Then, the entire thing vanished…to who or whom knows where. Excavations revealed that at the ORIGINAL SITE, they discovered the bones of an estimated 20,000 children in a mass pit. Satanists/nephilim are big on the blood of terrified children – adrenochrome.

This site is a complete fiction. There are several such sites in the world and I have the proof on most of them being MODERN FICTIONS. To give their satanic cults ancient street cred. Very much so. The new fiction was put up in 1954, then sold to the public as being 5000 years old. Carbon dating of the children’s bones revealed the site, at best, was built about 300 BC. 

Nowadays they don’t let the tourists near it, you have to stand 100 yards away behind a fence. They claim it is to protect the WRONG SITE WITH THE FAKE ROCKS. But, the real truth is because they fear close inspection of the concrete sprayed steel beams that is apparent when one gets too close to things.

The whole thing is fake, made in a workshop. 

I am informed, but have no proof as of yet, that the thing was transported to private property in Geneva for satanic rituals. Which are still carried out to this day. 

Our presented world is built upon fictions and lies.

In point of fact, Tim Bence, in 2007 went to Jekyll Island-where the Federal Reserve Slavery System was setup and found that under the house John Rockefeller built for the purpose of the conclave to enslave America, was one of the stones. Through him, this Canaanite altar was destroyed by Yahua. 

The reason these megalithic stones are so intensely desired by the nephilim is that they are so demonically soured from the thousands of children’s lives lost that they are permanent portals or doorways into that area of the astral plane where demons dwell.

So, they take them and put them to their old use. The slaughtering of children for satanic rituals. In their place, they put fictions. This happened in the main, with most of these sites between 1875 and 1920.

They brag about it. Only the duped public remains unaware.

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Satanists gather in 1954 to consecrate the NEW structure in satanic ritual. Which was photographed. Today, the site is still used and blood is often found on the altar and stones, from time to time.