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Cancer Cure


There is no cure for the common cold. There is a very simple CURE for cancer

There is not ONE doctor in the world today who treats cancer? Historically we are repeating the very same lesson we learned in 1930.

In caring for his diabetic patients the physician may amputate a leg, perform a liver, kidney or lung transplant and provide a Seeing Eye dog. However he is not treating DIABETES, but only the end result of diabetes. If the physician does not prescribe insulin, the missing metabolic requirement, he is not treating diabetes. Even should the physician prescribe insulin, the patient himself must give the needed medication from 1 to 4 times a day and adjust his diet. The patient, not the physician, must treat his own diabetes.

Likewise, in caring for his CANCER patients, the physician may surgically remove a tumor mass, and destroy the patient’s body with chemotherapy and/or radiation. However, he is not treating CANCER, but only the end results of cancer. Cancer is simply a metabolic malfunction of the patient’s pancreas and failure of the pancreas to produce an adequate amount of pancreatin, for a number of reasons. Although the physician may prescribe pancreatin for his cancer patients, it is the patient himself who treats his own cancer by taking the pancreatin from 4 to 6 times daily as well as making adjustments in his diet.

From the beginning of time, diabetes was a death sentence. In 1911 professor Scott discovered and documented the cure for Diabetes. All Physicians had only treated the results of diabetes, such as heart, liver and kidney damage, gangrene and blindness, but not diabetes. Everything went along the same as usual, diabetic patients dying, until the 1920’s when Dr. Scott developed and standardized the blood test for diabetes. During this period, the Medical Establishment in their pompous ignorance and diabolical greed, murdered Dr. Scott’s wife and only son. The Eli Lilly Co. was given the sole and only monopoly for the manufacture and sale of insulin, by the Big Establishment, which controls all monopolies. Lilly’s problem was, they could not make insulin. Therefore by stealth, deceit and conspiracy, a Lilly conspirator confiscated Scott’s procedures and technique for production of insulin.

The Medical Establishment then forced Sir Dr. Frederick Banting to accept a Doctor of Medicine degree that he did not want and in which he had no interest. Next the Establishment gave the Nobel prize to Banting (a very honorable man) and Best (not so honorable) to cover up Lilly’s theft of Scott’s scientific discovery. Thus the Big Establishment conferred credibility upon Eli Lilly and Company. Lilly has had the monopoly on insulin ever since, making hundreds of millions of dollars down through the years.

So it is today, the physician only treats malignant tumor masses, blood and immune system failures. The physician never treats CANCER. Four things usually happen to the physician who even attempts to treat CANCER:

1. He is immediately stripped of his license to practice medicine; and/or is

2. Thrown in jail for at least one year; and/or is

3. Run out of the country; (usually Mexico) and/or is


For the time being, the CANCER victim must treat his/her own cancer. Legally, one must also allow the physician to treat the results of CANCER and plunder and frequently kill the victim. The Cancer Self-Test and procedures for treating one’s cancer are carefully outlined in Dr. Kelley’s One Answer to Cancer updated, 1997.

I bring this message to you for several reasons. First, to remind you how desperately ill Cancer Victims become, and how easy it is for me to tell them what is needed to regain their health. Also, how exceedingly difficult it is for them to do it. Cancer Victims have to give up any hope they might have that their Orthodox or Alternative Treatment can be more than 20% successful. Although they are told this by their honest physicians, it remains hard to let go of the faintest glimmer of hope. The discipline necessary to do our Metabolic Program is a high hurdle for all Cancer Victims.

For example a young man, Scott Stirling, a seriously ill cancer victim, came to my little, office (a 3 room shack) in Grapevine, Texas. At this point, the Metabolic Nutritional Supplements were pure and uncontaminated. The Medical Establishment was livid with me personally and deceived themselves that I was a ‘health food nut’ and no threat to their 100 Billion Dollar a year CANCER Racket of Plunder and Murder.

Scot, of course, like other Cancer Victims, had to work very hard to reverse the progression of his terminal illness. Our Metabolic Paradigm was and is as true as ‘gravity.’ Like other scientists before me down through history, the Establishment tries with all their diabolic schemes and tricks to destroy it. Truth is a most difficult thing to destroy. If the Establishment cannot destroy it, they then make an all out effort to control and profit from it, as above in the case of insulin.

I would be doing you the reader, a disservice should I fail to tell you the whole story. Hope is a most powerful healing tool. However, false hope, dishonest and deceitful deliberate misrepresentation is wickedness to the point of sin. The Cancer Victim obtains more than his share of ‘FALSE HOPE’ from the Establishment’s Orthodox Medical Community. When the Cancer Victim discerns this in his fight for life and abandons orthodox medicine, he is devastated. At this point, the Cancer Victim in his search for health, understanding and TRUTH falls prey to the ruthless wolves of Alternative Medicine and health care. Both Orthodox and Alternative health professionals are not necessarily wicked, but they are all ignorant and unscientific in their treatment of cancer. Also, they are engaged and relish in their PLUNDER.

The Cancer Victim should take careful note that the support organizations of these plunderers also derive their income as leeches from the ignorance abounding in the Cancer misinformation mania of our civilization. From the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the various Aids organizations, to the Cancer Control Society, to the Cancer Clinics in Mexico, a lot of money and misinformation changes hands with very little TRUTH or HELP.

I am taking the liberty of listing briefly some of the techniques used by the Establishment since 1970 to SUPPRESS THE CANCER CURE, to maintain their control and further their 100 billion dollar a year “Cancer Racket”. My trials by Establishment experiences have been extensive in the field of medicine and particularly the area of CANCER. Your first reaction to this is to stop here and mark this off as the ranting and ravings of a religious right-wing NUT. However, you do have a brain, no matter how washed and laundered and programmed it may be. You can still think and reason and know right from wrong; TRUE from FALSE, and the ring of righteousness from the thud of wickedness.

What I am trying to communicate to you over the next few pages is:

1. The Medical Establishment does not want a CURE FOR CANCER and absolutely will not permit a CURE for any reason at any cost.

2. CANCER is a very simple dysfunction to properly treat.

3. The CANCER VICTIM must treat the cancer himself as the physicians in our society are not permitted to treat CANCER, only the effects of cancer.

4. It is most difficult to CURE your own cancer.

a) The Establishment deceives you in a multitude of tricks.

b) It takes dedication and hard
work to follow the correct Metabolic Program

5. Cancer Victims are plundered by the Establishment.

Cancer Victims are used and abused research animals for the Establishment’s experiments.

While Scott was sitting in my office getting his Metabolic Nutritional Program the Establishment was continuing their relentless attack on the Scientific Paradigm which I advanced. This attack has been ongoing since I published the scientific treatise in a little 38 page booklet, ONE ANSWER TO CANCER, in December 1967. Early in 1970 the Establishment had obtained a copy and went berserk, promptly throwing me in Jail. Using their Establishment Media, The Fort Worth Star Telegram, the usual smear job belched forth to warn the public of the villain in their midst and to beware of ‘QUACKS.’

This ruthlessness and lawlessness have gone on since the ‘Garden’ which I thoroughly understand from history, as well as personal experience. I am reminded of another Dentist., Dr. william T.G.. Morton, the one who first discovered general anesthesia and the wicked ways in which he was treated by the Establishment, even having to suffer the theft of his paradigm and being discredited until long alter his death. Even today the Establishment tries to discredit him.


Many are allowed to rant and rave about the conspiracy in the medical establishment and governmental agencies, but none are allowed to be truthful and point out or define who the Establishment is. To some of them, it is a vague somebody or group somewhere out there, who are the bad guys. To others, it is not socially acceptable or politically correct to TELL, if they know.

WE CANCER VICTIMS know that there has to be a cause for all this lawlessness and wicked behavior. My God, Yahweh Al-mighty, has clearly presented this information to us in our scriptures, regardless of the conspiracy, deceit and infiltration by the ESTABLISHMENT and takeover of the United States Government, the Medical Community, the Media, and the Christian Religion. The question is, are we going to be party to the plunder and murder of thousands of cancer victims each and every year, or are we going to follow Yahweh’s purpose for our lives.

We politely refer to the ENEMY WITHIN as the Establishment. We all know it exists in all areas of civilization: Political, Economic, Legal, Education, Health, Media, Religion. The inclusive extent and wickedness of the Establishment is beyond the mental capacity of the Christian to conceive and comprehend. The overthrow of our government and our institutions is complete and we are once again enslaved as we were in Egypt. This overthrow of our institutions has not been with guns but with words, bribes, stealth, and acts of deceit.

When Scott was in my office, I had just gone through every court in Texas and the U.S. Supreme Court seeking my First Amendment Constitutional rights. However, the Establishment controls the courts and said I had no 1st amendment right or freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to publish a scientific paper. In fact the Establishment was so angry and livid, they claimed the book was practicing medicine on anyone who read it. “Dr. Kelley is a clear and present danger to Society” (Establishment interests). Only Justice William O. Douglas dissented (1971). I am not allowed to have a copy of the book.


The Establishment was so livid and upset they forced the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners to remove my Dental license for 5 years on the same charges. Double jeopardy is also unconstitutional.

Like Scott, almost everyone who visited me, or followed this little 38 page booklet, recovered in about 6 months. During this period of time, if it took longer than 6 months the victim was not following the booklet or continued with chemotherapy and/or radiation.

To say this upset the local Oncologists throughout the country was the understatement of the Century. Among the Cancer Victims this booklet spread like a wild forest fire. Many Cancer victims never visited me, but nevertheless recovered and went on their way to health.

Of course, this was reported to the local State Medical Boards which in turn reported to the Medical Establishment.


At this point the Establishment was in a real first class Hissy. They then engaged in the practice of sending the police to sit outside of my little 3 room shack of an office, stopping each one of my dental patients, trying to get a confession that they were coming to visit me for treatment of Cancer not for a visit to the dentist.

Grapevine, Texas, the site of the dental office, was 4-5 miles north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. Counselees flying into D/FW would rent a car and drive to my office. The police would take the rental car’s license down, then go to the rental agency and get name and address of counselees. In addition to giving the information to the Establishment’s Mafia the police would send it to the home town of the counselee so their local police could keep a surveillance on them. Many entrapment tricks both in Texas and Hometowns were used frequently


The Establishment got into such a frenzy they engaged the Texas State Comptroller to illegally do their dirty work. They were going to stop me at all costs. The Establishment sent to my little shack an agent of the Comptroller. It did not bother me a bit. In fact I offered to help the Comptroller. The Comptroller decided that I owed the sovereign State of Texas several thousands of dollars of sales taxes I should have collected on the food and vitamins being sold to counselees. CHANGING THE LAW RETROACTIVELY, a good ol’ Establishment Trick he learned from the IRS, who practice it routinely, when needed to control a person or destroy him.

The State Legislature specifically by law exempted sales tax on food and vitamins. The Comptroller, Bob Bullock (later to become Lt. Governor), said he made a specific arbitrary ruling for me [by Establishment’s Mafia orders]. I just ignored him. Being challenged the Comptroller got nasty and sent his henchmen to threaten me. I told them “I’ll make a deal with you. You can pay for a clerk to collect it for you. I only work for myself. Or, you can set up a card table outside my front door and collect the taxes yourself I’ll even let you store your card table inside my office overnight. You had better have a beach umbrella also, sitting outside in the Texas Sun gets hot.” Last December, I received a Christmas card from Lt. Governor & Mrs. Bullock.

Not too long after this we moved to a tiny town of 200 in Winthrop, Washington. The Establishment was enraged to a point of hate and action. One wintry night our home was burned to the ground. All was lost including the older stored medical records and pets.

During this period, no Establishment trick was overlooked to stop me. The Establishment-controlled Federal agency, Internal Revenue Service, used all its reserve tricks, and like the Texas Comptroller made up several new rules in their attempt to stop me. I guess I was too dumb to let it bother me, and went right on my way helping as many people as God would send.


From late 1979 through to this date, the Establishment has been in an insane Hissy. No deceit, no lie, no trick, no bribe, no MURDER, no use of “the badder and baddest people” were overlooked and used to the fullest extent of their creative diabolic intent and actions. In their War on me, they attacked on all fronts and areas to the full
fury of their capacity. They did several things at the same time. Many too horrible to write about. I will mention some of them, they were all going on at the same time. The battles became intense with the Hollywood Actor Steve McQueen.


Early in 1980 after he had stopped, within 6 months, the growth of his (McQueen’s) own Cancer tumors, his body had encapsulated the dead Liver tumor and several smaller masses.

McQueen felt well and demanded that the unsightly bulge on his right side and little nodule on the left side of his neck be surgically removed. 1 was against this at the time but McQueen insisted.

Fatal Mistake

McQueen frequently called me on my FBI-tapped telephone. One call McQueen made to me, he stated in his famous hero voice, “I am going to blow the lid off this Cancer Racket.” This of course freaked out the Cancer Establishment. The FBI then leaked it out to the National Inquirer scandal sheet of the CIA. This exposure was to discredit me. McQueen was then constantly watched and harassed by the FBI, CIA and the Media.


During the surgery, the skin over the liver was cut open and the en-capsulated dead Tumor fell out on the operating table. After surgery McQueen had a talk with me. During the night a government agent came into his room posing as a Physician on duty and injected McQueen with a blood clotting medication which was the cause of death.


Movie actor Steve McQueen had completely cured his own CANCER using our Metabolic Program and had made plans to expose and “blow the lid off the cancer racket”. Before he could accomplish this, he was murdered as only the Establishment can do it with all the fanfare and news media to destroy my program.

When this failed, the Establishment’s next plan was to send a mole or infiltrator into the Kelley organization so that as close a call as the McQueen episode could never happen again.

A psychotic Cornell medical student, who had failed after the second year in medical school – was wandering in and out of the unorthodox medical community looking for help for his own mental instability and illness. During this fruitless search, Gonzalez stumbled onto the Kelley Program which he mentioned to his psychiatrist.

With the help of his psychoanalyst Colter Rule, M.D. and wife Betty Gessels, M.D., high level Establishment members in NYC, they, with this pathological liar, and a major faction of the Establishment forced Robert A. Good, Ph.D., M.D., President of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center/Institute, to sponsor the Nicholas J. Gonzalez’ review of Kelley’s records and expose Kelley as a quack.

This project, being most important to the Establishment, led Cornell Medical School to reinstate the pathological liar as a 3rd year medical student under Good’s supervision for this project dealing with the Kelley Program.

The infighting of the Medical Establishment over this project forced the most renowned medical researcher of all history to be fired and dismissed from Sloan Kettering and shipped out to Oklahoma City.

The Establishment gave the green light to Gonzalez to carefully investigate the Kelley Program and get the information to expose me as a fraud. This backfired on the Big Establishment as the second communication from Gonzalez to Good after Gonzalez reviewed the first 139 of thousands of records in my possession show.

Robert A. Good, M.D., Ph.D. 2 September

Medical Research Foundation

(at Oklahoma Allergy Clinic)

50 N.E. 13th Street

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Dear Dr. Good,

I hadn’t meant to write you so soon again, but I’ve just finished sifting through the first 139 of Dr. Kelley’s patient records and found the initial results interesting enough to pass on my findings. While I intend to concentrate on the cancers we discussed – pancreatic, colon, lung, perhaps breast – I’ve included all the initial results just for interest’s sake.

Again, as I wrote in my first letter to you’ I do not yet have the actual biopsy reports or other lab data documenting the diagnosis, but I have found Dr. Kelley does keep information regarding how the tumors were diagnosed.

I found these results, particularly for pancreatic, quite intriguing. His overall survival rate for all cancer in this first group is 93% – and as I have found going through Dr. Kelley’s records, virtually all of his patients have advanced disease. Many have come to him because no further conventional treatment could be offered.


Nick Gonzalez


Tumor type pts on #deceased#Survtval times in years to present while on program.

Adenoidal 1 0 2

Adrenal 1 0 1

Basalcell I 0 3

Bile duct 1 0 5

Bladder 2 0 5,6

Bone 2 0 5.6

Breast 30 3 1,1, 1,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4, 4,5,5,5,5,5,6,6,7,7,8,8,8, 10

Cervical 3 0 2.3,4

Choriocarcinoma 1 0 2

Colon (all advanced) 15 0 1,1,2,3,3,5,5,6,6,7, 8,8,8,10,13

Ewing’s sarcoma 1 1 2

Fibrous Histioocytoma (1) 0 5

Hodgkin’s 4 0 1,1,3,10

Leukemia (unclassified) 1 0 8

Leukemia, acute lymphocytic 2 0 1/2.2

Leukemia, acute myelocytic 2 0 4,5

Leukemia, chronic lymphocytic 1 0 1

Lung 6 2 2,3,4,6,8,8

Lymplioma(unclassified) 14 1 1, 1,2,2,2.3,3,4,5,5,5,5,5. 13

Melanoma 5 2 1,3,4.4,6

Metasaic (adenocarcinoina) 2 0 6,6

Multiple myeloma (2) 0 1,3

Ovarian 3 0 2,5,8

Pancreatic 4 diagnosed at exploratory 8 0 l..3.3.4,

Parotid 1 0 5 1/2

Plasniacytorna (1) 0 9

Prostate 8 0 1/2,2,3.3,3,4,4.8

Rhabdomyosarcoma (1) 0 4

Senanoma 1 0 5

Skin, unclassified 6 0 1,2,2,3,3,8

Small intestine (2) 0 3, 7 1/2

Stomach 2 0 4 1/2,6

Trophoblastic (1) 0 6

Urethral 1 0 3 1/2

Uterus 6 0 3,3.6,7,8,10


The diabolical Cult organization, SCIENTOLOGY, had several of their doctors and nurses attend my Metabolic Technician Training Seminars. They were using the Computerized Metabolic Program on their sick Church members” with excellent results. As is the case with all divisions of the Establishment, and their diabolic proselytes they wanted to take over the Kelley Organization. They could see millions of dollars in income. and control of a whole system of Medicine. They too, sent one of their slick Con Artists,” a Barney Cornfield type, to Dallas and announced here they were to take over the Organization. Just get out of the way, we are going to do Kelley a big favor, we may give him a little royalty, but most of it he must give to our “church.”


This little experience scared my employees so badly, they went into a frenzy. They had been planning a take-over of the Kelley
organizations for some time. Masterminded by my own Lawyer and Accountant, they got down to the business of throwing me out of my own organizations and taking over. The group was, wife Suzi, her new husband, Bill Wolcott (a real estate salesman), Harold Smith (a former cement worker) now the distributor of Nutritional Supplements I sometimes used, Jim Sommers (who had several close brushes with the law in relation to pharmaceutical products) the maker of the Nutritional Supplements for Mr. Smith, and several government agents who had infiltrated the Kelley Organizations and taken my Metabolic training courses. These, along with many of the doctors and technicians gullible enough to believe the lies told them.


The Establishment could not depend upon Good and Gonzalez, or delay any longer, or take any more half way measures. I was a most serious threat to their $100 Billion a year Industry. These lawless Establishment Devils went to work and:

A. Poisoned (food) me 3 times to the point of Grand Mall — Seizures 3-4 times a week for 14 Months;

B. Tried to shoot me once during this time;

C. Sent the usual IRS agents to do me in;

D. Bought off and bribed my Lawyer and Accountant;

E. Set up a take over of the Kelley organization by employees and wife (standard Establishment procedure);

F. Offered Kelley $500,000.00 to kill a counselee,

G Caused a vitamin manufacturer of supplements Kelley often used to take all active ingredients out of Kelley Program Supplements.


The Media is a most useful tool for the Establishment. Two encounters of hand to hand battle occurred during this time by the Media to brainwash the general public of the ineffectiveness and danger of the Kelley Metabolic Program.

The Establishment’s Tom Brokaw and his “side kick authority figure Art Euline, M.D., a Gynecologist” did a first class smear discrediting job of me, on the NBC TODAY show.

Several months later, BBC with Prince Charles, produced a real hatchet Job on me. I had several contacts (friends) in England, one was a former Jehovah Witness from New Zealand, one was a Mormon from the U.S. A few months before the BBC show, I went to London and made the rounds of available hospital facilities from the Florence Nightingale to the City Hospitals. These backers had agreed to financially support moving the Kelley operations to England. Using the FBI tapped phone lines, the Big Establishment both in the United States and England went into a tiz over this, and dispatched their number one BBC documentary crew to Dallas to interview me and make a despicable T-V program with Prince Charles introducing it. The program was scathing and intended to stop anyone in Europe from working with me.

Scott and several of the Kelley patients were requested by BBC to come to Dallas for the filming at their own expense. The patients can verify how desperately ill I was at the time from the Establishments poisoning.


The next battles with the Establishment were a series of premeditated Murders by the Establishment. These murders were carried out in two stages involving several hundred cancer victims and several children with Cystic Fibrosis.



The A.H. ROBINS CO., like the Eli Lilly Co. was given the sole world-wide monopoly for pancreatin by the Big Establishment. Pancreatin was the only nutritional supplement used by all of the Kelley patients.


The first procedure used by the Establishment to put an end to me was the development of a process by which to fractionate the Whole Pancreatin into the various individual enzymes. In fractionating the Pancreatin they were able to remove one of the major enzymes and make it unavailable to the nutritional market. They continued to market the defective pancreatin to the unsuspecting health food market. Supplement manufacturers never knew why their products would no longer be effective for a multitude of nutritional needs. When I personally informed these manufacturers I was threatened with legal action. Being aware of this, I adjusted our Metabolic Pro-gram to compensate for this fraud. I went right along helping the Cancer Victims, but instead of a 6 month procedure the program had to be extended for 1 g to 24 months. The cost was also greatly increased.

The Establishment by removing needed active ingredients in the raw materials sold to the companies making vitamin tablets assumed the Kelley PROGRAM was doomed to total failure. Al-though I altered our Metabolic Program to compensate for this, those who now claim they have the Kelley Program and supplements are deceiving themselves and the Cancer Victim, for this is the state of PANCREATIN and their fraudulent programs of Cancer Cures to date.

The Chymotrypsin removed from pancreatin is now sold to manufacturers of sewer and septic tank cleaners and not available to the medical community or health food store industry.



My fellow researcher, Dr. Carol A. Morrison, M.D., F.A.C.C., found that the A.H. Robins Co. laced the Pancreatin they were marketing to the Medical and Health Supplement industries in our country with a deadly bacteria, B. cereus (Gram-positive Endospore-forming). This infection is a member of the B. Anthraces (ANTHRAX) family, and is totally undetectable in the human body by any known medical procedure, laboratory or biopsy. Like Anthrax it is always fatal unless properly addressed immediately. This infection is part of a wide experimental biological warfare program being conducted by the highest levels of the Medical Establishment. This experimental biological agent has been used by the Establishment for several years.

The Establishment which controls the U.S. Governmental Agencies has several purposes in mind when infecting various parts of the population with Biologicals, both natural and man made. One objective being the destruction of the Pancreas with resulting astronomical increase in diabetes and cancer. Another goal is a form of genocide for select racial groups. Remember the Establishment has been doing for a long time what they accuse others of doing.


The Establishment politicians passed legislation to and declared WAR upon CANCER. Thus, they went to Fort Detrick and took down the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Warfare department SIGN. They then placed two signs on the front gate of the facility; on the left NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE), and on the right, WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO). This was and is properly ballyhooed by the Establishment Media, and financed to the tune of several Billion Dollars yearly from American tax payers.


It is no wonder EVE was deceived in the Garden, we cannot blame her. For even today we are being deceived by the enemy within. Of course, the most evil and mad scientists of all recorded history (at Fort Detrick) never missed an hour of work or a pay check and continued on as usual. While this is going on, Establishment politiclans from their United Nations (UN) center, send out teams of inspectors to make sure other nations do not develop and use Biological Warfare Weapons. These very clever and deceptive Establishment Politicians play by a different set of rules than others are allowed to play by.

Heads I win, tails you lose


These Mad Scientists, us
ing Human fetal DNA material, produce new bacterlal and viral infectious agents. They use and alter the DNA material from deadly bacteria and virus to successfully escape known antibiotic and antiviral treatment procedures. This meets four of their objectives:

1. To obtain additional taxpayer funding and enslavement.

2. To reduce the world population. Population Act of 1981.

3. To further plunder Americans by their relief organizations, Red Cross, Feed the starving, save a child campaign, etc..

To give credibility to their dedicated diabolical scientific endeavors.

When these new genetic altered biological weapons are ready, they use various segments of our population for their “Controlled Studies.” This has gone on in America since the early 1800s. The 1930s Tuskegee Syphilis Study on Blacks. The smallpox and typhus epidemics of the American Indians are examples of this highly developed skill of the Establishment. Also, the various epidemics of Tuberculous (TB) used during the last 150 years.

When America took the Philippine Islands from Spain, General Arthur MacArthur, father of General of the Armies Douglas MacArthur of World War II fame, was ordered by the political establishment to inoculate the general population of the Philippines with live smallpox vaccine. This killed more people than the previous smallpox epidemics. Also, in 1950 the U.S. military experimented on Eskimos and Indians with radioactive drugs.


The mad scientists at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and World Health Organization (WHO), who had taken over the U.S. Army’s Biological facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland, finally had the success the U.S. Government spent so much of your Tax Money on.


There is absolutely no scientific evidence that this laboratory engineered virus was present in Africa before the World Health Organization descended upon these hapless people with their deadly AIDS-laced vaccine. The AIDS virus did not come from Africa. It came from Fort Detrick, Maryland, U.S.A.


It is a mind boggling revelation, which has been alleged from the very beginning of the AIDS fiasco, to realize that AIDS is a diabolical, laboratory contrived plague, that was imposed upon society by design and plan! The evidence is clear, the Government of the U.S.A. has no intention of protecting American society from AIDS!


The Mad, Mad scientists at the NCI and WHO have so perfected their Man Made Bacteria and Virus to the point of being able to select which part of the human body they want to destroy and what type of human cells they wish to target. AIDS was just one such achievement – to destroy the immune system “T” cells. Although it was their first success, it was certainly not their last.

Now they have MAD COW, man made Biologicals, to use aganst the brain. They also have EBOLA for liver and other organs. This Biological was first tested on the American Indian Children, and later on natives in South America.


Recently, one of their most accomplished Biological Targeted area is the Human Pancreas. By destroying the one part of the pancreas they can increase the incidence of Diabetes. By destroying another part of the Human Pancreas they have been able to produce a very rapid type of Cancer that will take a person’s life within four to six months. This is so devastating there is no treatment possible – and none intended.


In short, the cancer victims of today face the Establishment enemy within, who are relentless and determined to Plunder and Kill you at any cost. ‘False Hope’ is not my objective. To be realistic, we have two enemies, CANCER and the ESTABUSHNIENT. Of course there is HOPE, you must have Pancreatin and other Metabolic Nutrients to treat your Cancer properly. However, you must use discernment in obtaing it, and be aware of the multitude of Con-Artists who make claims for their products.

Legally, you must allow the Orthodox Physician to treat your tumors. Remember he is not allowed to treat your Cancer, nor is he qualified to do so. DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINATIONS. This is the standard deceptive way you are given the Establishment’s Biological Warfare infections.


There will never be a CURE for Cancer until the Establishment can accomplish their objectives by permitting it. Their primary goals are money and control. what big conglomerate will get the blessings of the Big Establishment? Nothing happens on the world scene that is not planned and designed by world Zionism! (The Big Establishment)


After 30 years of planning Metabolic Programs for some 30,000 Counselees and developing the scientific Paradigm for the PROPER CURE AND TREATMENT OF MALIGNANCY I would like to share some of the conclusions.

First, we fall victim, not only to cancer, but also to the very clever brainwashing of our number one ENEMY. The medical establishment and the unending barrage of the conspiracy with the MEDIA and support groups such as the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, the American Medical Association and an unlimited number of organizations that make their income from the crumbs that fall from the establishment’s table.

Second, our number two ENEMY is the simple metabolic malfunction of our Pancreas. This is a minor enemy compared to our enemies number one and three. In our Metabolic Paradigm we find some approximately 20 causes for this failure.

All successes and failures of all cancer programs are accounted for by our Paradigm. It would not be a truly scientific Paradigm if it did not include ALL CANCERS which it does.

Third, our number three enemy is ourselves. It is quite a shame that Yahweh, God Almighty, gave each one of us a decent brain (heart in Scriptural terms), but we do not know how to use it, as we have very little if any practice. We depend upon others (with inferior hearts) to do our thinking for us. In short, we go a Whoring after false Gods and the false idols put in front of us by our enemy number one.

The most amazing thing to me is the fact that we Christian Israelites, the White Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic people of the world having our roots in Adam and Isaac can comprehend the Establishment take-over of our banking system, our money, our government, our justice system, our media and entertainment industry, Medicine, Education, etc.; but we are too innocent, naive, ignorant and brainwashed to comprehend the take-over of our RELIGION, it is Judaism not Christianity. Sometimes I think we are also STUPID!

Those Cancer Victims, whom God has blessed with enough time (6 months) and who have awakened from their stupor, in self-defense, figure things out for themselves. Their discernment that their Physician, their Medical Community, the Establishment, the MEDIA and their Government with its multitude of Bureaucracies have conspired in fraud, plunder and murder against them, – the SHOCK is nearly overwhelming and devastating to say the least.

Fourth, at this point, in self preservation, the Cancer Victim rebels and in righteous indignation, often going berserk. But at least, he realizes he cannot trust or depend upon the Orthodox Medical Community or the Government to protect and help him, but only deceive, plunder and murder him. Also he comes to the realization that if he survives he must “do it himself” and find the answers in spite of the ESTABLISHMENT’S interference, promises
and brainwashing.

Fifth, in this state of abandonment, the Cancer Victim in ignorance and desperation becomes vulnerable and prey to the other vultures – the Alternative Medical Community. The alternative medical community is composed of the most skilled CON-MEN and CON-WOMEN in our civilization, falsely deceiving, like the Orthodox, that they have the answer and that they are persecuted scientists and promoters of truth. These despicable creatures would put ol’ P. T. Barnum, Wm. Rockefeller and Barney Cornfield to shame; their techniques of deception are superb. Many of these creatures also deceive themselves and are pathological liars and psychopaths. The remainder are ignoramuses.

Somewhere along the line, the Cancer Victim turns to Al-mighty God and asks for deliverance, healing and help. When God sends help, like placing this booklet in front of their eyes, they refuse to accept it, spitting in the face of God, blaming God for their condition and finally turning from God to their own ignorance.

Sixth, my experience with Cancer Victims over the years has taught me a great deal about the mind set of these “Do It Your Self” survivors.

a). Many choose to continue to follow all the recommendations and treatments of their orthodox physicians, while at the same time, do our Metabolic program. This is usually disastrous and only about 6% survrve.

b). Some Cancer Victims, after their orthodox physician tells them the treatments are not effective and no further help can be expected, start our Metabolic Program. Experience has shown that 93% of these individuals who live long enough to stay on the Metabolic Program for 6 months recover completely and go on to live normal useful lives.

c). Often the Cancer Victim goes berserk and while accusing his orthodox and/or alternative doctor of being an ignoramus and not knowing what he is doing, ends up doing exacdy the same thing. He tries to play doctor without adequate scientific understanding. This seems to be an ego builder for the Cancer Victim. However, this is not successful and in the end is usually fatal.

d). Nearly everyone thinks that if a little bit of something is good, then a lot of everything is better. This results in about 9% effectiveness as well as unnecessarily expensive. To many, this is a fun game and entertaining. They say to themselves, “If have to go, I might as well have a blast!”

e). For those who have a great deal of wisdom and discernment along with 6 months’ time, while following the Metabolic Program carefully are usually 99% successful.

Like in diabetes, the Cancer victim must always support his defective pancreas with proper diet as well as effective enzymes. He must remember, proper enzymes are difficult to obtain and always expensive.

Seventh, many Cancer Victims having been brainwashed by the Establishment, give up, believing they can never recover their health, seriously consider SUICIDE. If they elect to do this, there are several choices they can make.

a) Go first class and be slow about it. Return to the Orthodox Community. Here you will have all the sympathy of the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, Hospice Inc., The American Medical Association and many others. They will brainwash you and your loved ones with ‘Oh, how brave and heroic you are, what a valiant fight you made.” All this while plundering your estate and your loved ones.

b) Go to Detroit, Michigan and obtain the help of the suicide doctor if your doctor won’t give his help.

Go to the interstate highway. Jump in front of a Semi. At least this will help your greedy lawyer send his kids to college.


The most difficult procedure for the Cancer Victim is to let go of the false hope that both Orthodox and Alternative Medicine uses to control and plunder one. Frequently, due to their ignorance of the simple CANCER CURE the condition is fatal.

The program we had developed were functional until 30 August 1986. At that time, I gave up my practice of Metabolic Counseling and unplugged my computer because of activities of employees and doctors I had trained. I would not or will not be party to the plunder, fraud and conspiracy of CANCER victims and Metabolic Counselees.

Any program available today in my name (or claiming to be the ‘Kelley Program’ or better than the Kelley Program) are frauds and those who are issuing them should be considered a danger to your being. In giving the Cancer Victim HOPE and not false hope; my involvement is conditional upon giving the reader the complete story, not only of the plight of the Cancer Victims and the Metabolic Paradigm, but the missing nutrients for the cancer victim. Also, the Medical Establishment’s all out effort to suppress the CANCER CURE and protect their interests and lawlessness. My interest is to provide a sound reliable understanding and effective Metabolic procedure to supply the required Metabolic support.

My objective is, as a teacher, to provide you with the necessary data, that if you choose, by which to live a long and useful life, never dying of Cancer. I would much rather have your friends and relatives read in the obituary column – you died at age 95 from gun-shot wounds, inflicted by a jealous lover – NOT FROM CANCER!


Dentists are ignoramuses, bordering on stupidity. Dentists have killed more men, women and children since 1950 than all the wars of recorded history.

Dentists themselves have been royally screwed and conned by “the Establishment.” Dentists have been used as willing pawns of the Establishment to plunder and murder our civilization by their support of the Establishment’s covert FLUORIDE fraud “sting” operation. Dentists know from their required studies in biochemistry that fluoride is the most deadly poison known to mankind.


Over half of the U.S.A. population is drinking fluoridated water, which is now linked to cancer and arthritis. “Bone cancer has been linked to fluoride in a 10 year study by the National Toxicology Program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This sensational news was disclosed in an exclusive report in Medical Tribune, December 28, 1989, but ignored by the mass media. Also, Proctor and Gamble, the maker of Crest (a fluoride toothpaste), presented studies to the U.S. Public Health Service, showing that fluoride tested positive as a cancer-causing agent at the lowest concentrations used.” According to Charles Eliot Perkins, a research chemist sent to Germany to take charge of the l.G. Farben Chemical Industries after World War II, repeated doses of fluoride were used to make people submissive to the government. Re wrote, “In the rear occiput of the left lobe of the brain, there is a small area of brain tissue that is responsible for the individual’s power to resist domination. Repeated doses of fluorine will in time gradually reduce the individual’s power to resist by slowly poisoning and narcotizing this area of brain tissue and make him submissive to those who wish to govern him. I was told the scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the I.G. Farben Chemical Industries and prominent in the Nazi movement of the tine. (The Fact Finder, Box A Scottsdale, AZ 85352)

Dental Cancer

Dental Cancer needlessly kills 10,000 people each year. Yet, dentists with all their legal licenses and education do not have integrity enough to stand up and be honest to our people and properly treat Dental Cancer.


Why do you think the current generation is obese? FLUORIDE? Fluoride in our water supply goes directly to the thyroid gland and des
troys it. The result is obesity, weakness and very low general energy levels. Your physician tells you your thyroid test show you are OK and have normal thyroid function. What your physician falls to tell you, if he knows, is that the Establishment every few years changes the approved standards of ranges for normal.


The Almighty

Your Own Body

May Yahweh/Yahshua the Christ bless you with His Loving Kindness and keep you always, in all ways.

William Donald Kelley, D.D.S.

Medical Missionary

Winfield Kansas

Jan 1998