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In 1972, actress Veronica Hamel and her then husband became the new owners of Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home. When they hired a contractor to replace the roof and remodel the house the contractor discovered a sophisticated eavesdropping and telephone tapping system that covered every room in the house. The components were not commercially available in 1962, but were in the words of a retired Justice Department official, “standard FBI issue.” The new owners spent $100,000 to remove the bugging devices from the house.

Marylin Monroe was under lockstep surveillance. She hung around a diverse crowd that included un-Americans like Arthur Miller, and she could not even fart without blowing air into J. Edgar Hoover’s ear. Hoover used the Mafia to spy on Communists and Marylin Monroe’s entire house was bugged -audio and video. Incidentally, the guy who bugged her house died in prison, to keep the rumor that her murder was actually videotaped, out of the realm of absolute proof. In retrospect however, given all we know about her obvious, provable murder [even the first cop on the scene claims that she was murdered, this is no fuzzy verdict] every act of cover up is a further piece of evidence. In the final analysis, J. Edgar Hoover and his Mafia cohorts are directly responsible for the murder of Marylin Monroe. Lockstep surveillance precludes every other possibility. [Incidentally, the same can be said about the murder of Martin Luther King. Like Harold Weisberg, the unrivaled assassinations expert has indicated, the evidence against James Earl Ray had already been amassed and bundled up, not after, but before King was shot, and it does not take a genius to arrive at the conclusion that James Earl Ray was framed. In the final analysis, if Hoover’s FBI wanted to impose lockstep surveillance, Hoover’s FBI had the duty and the obligation to provide lockstep security.]


Marylin Monroe also hung around with the likes of Johnny Roselli, who was angry at the Kennedys for giving the Mafia a hard time and who bragged about “friends in high places” who were going to knock Kennedy off. These assassination rumors invariably disturbed Marylin Monroe, but her frantic attempt to warn the Kennedys was obviously thwarted. If there is one consistent element to the Kennedy assassination it is this: anybody who knew too much was murdered to keep the truth as obscure as possible. Johnny Roselli certainly knew too much. In the late 1960’s, Roselli cooperated with the authorities to promote the stupid claim that Castro was responsible for the Kennedy assassination. Roselli was too deep, inside the cover up, and he had to be taken care of, before his role was uncovered. Not surprisingly, Johnny Roselli was used and then he was murdered. And Lee Harvey Oswald had nothing to do with it.


We are forever astounded by the lack of knowledge that surrounds the Kennedy assassination. Take the ignorance which surrounds Jim Garrison. Jim Garrison was not the truth seeking crusader that Oliver Stone created. Jim Garrison was a corrupt, New Orleans District Attorney who gave the Mafia free reign in New Orleans. His tactic was very simple. By busting low level criminals, Jim Garrison gave the Carlos Marcello Mafia network the opportunity to dominate the rackets. At the same time, the punks that he put behind bars, created the impression that he was an aggressive, competent, law enforcement official. A former G-man, Jim Garrison was forever loyal to tactics that J. Edgar Hoover practised on the national level. Like J. Edgar Hoover, Jim Garrison, was a Mafia asset -they both used the Mafia to suit their own, peculiar interests. Hoover used the Mafia to target liberals or Communists -he did not distinguish the difference, and Garrison always followed the track that Hoover laid.

By the late 1960’s, Kennedy assassination critics had successfully exposed the absurdity of the “single bullet theory” and two out of three Americans did not believe the preposterous claim that Oswald had acted alone. [oh yeah, Oswald supposedly created the Warren Commission to cover up the truth and when that fraud was exposed, he appointed Jim Garrison to destroy the trail of the assassination critics, duh, that makes sense -doesn’t it?] Jim Garrison elevated the meaning of “if you can’t beat them, join them” to the height of absurdity. He burst upon the trail of the assassination critics with the bold assertion that he knew exactly who had murdered John F. Kennedy, and that it was a matter of days before he exposed the entire plot -down to naming every single assassin. While Jim Garrison hogged the attention of the media circus that he deliberately created, he simultaneously “put the squeeze” on witnesses who knew Oswald. In essence, he treated every Kennedy assassination witness the way that Ken Starr treated witnesses like Susan McDougal -tell the truth and I’ll prosecute you for perjury, give me what I want and receive a ‘get out of jail free’ card. In particular, Garrison targeted witnesses who were in a position to expose the obvious fact that Lee Harvey Oswald WAS NOT a Communist, and the only rationale behind the fact that he had evidently defected to the Soviet Union was that Oswald sought the sort of adventure that his fictional hero, James Bond, scored in the movies. But this was not the movies, it was the Cold War, and the effort to save the world, was waged in the shadows -do not expect a textbook biography of Lee Harvey Oswald or anybody else who engaged the battle to destroy Communism. Their lives have to be reconstructed, the way a historian uncovers the unrecorded past -one painstaking piece at a time.

Jim Garrison was a real piece of work -he makes Ken Starr look like a Boy Scout. Jim Garrison used the Grand Jury to harass and intimidate Oswald’s acquaintances while witnesses who could not be controlled through the manipulation of the legal system, were murdered. Garrison’s ruthlessness, power and obsession is perhaps manifested by the fact David Ferrie conveniently “committed suicide” [don’t laugh] while he was under his protective custody. Oswald and Ferrie were long time acquaintances who embraced the shadowy world of every James Bond wannabe. Unlike Oswald however, who was relatively mild mannered, David Ferrie was violently anti-Communist, and if Oswald was indeed a Communist, as Hoover’s propaganda mill proclaimed, Ferrie was the sort who would have strangled Oswald with his bear hands. Reports that Oswald had Ferrie’s library card in his possession on the day that he was arrested, refused to go away, but Jim Garrison effectively buried every lead that Kennedy assassination critics exposed. Ferrie’s library card in the possession of Lee Harvey Oswald placed the spotlight where Garrison did not want it, so Ferrie was deliberately murdered.

If one carefully studies the abuse of power that Jim Garrison exercised, it is not possible to avoid the conclusion that he was a brilliant disinformation agent who manipulated Kennedy assassination evidence. And he did it, not because he wanted to expose the truth, but because the astounding frivolity of Warren Report conclusions were exposed. If you want to get to the bottom of a huge fraud, timing is everything. For anyone who is interested in getting to the bottom of this massive fraud, John F. Kennedy was murdered because he planned to pull out of the Vietnam war, “win, lose or draw”, by 1965, and the Godfather of the plot to kill him was the tight-lipped group: Lyndon Johnson, McGeorge Bundy, Dean Rusk, and Robert McNamara, and they all exploited the power of their respective offices to cover up the truth. Unfortunately, they had all bought into the myth that the national security of the United States was tied to winning the Vietnam War, and Kennedy was the only practical obstacle who stood in the way. J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon and his Waterg
ate machine and the Mafia were lower level, cover up co-conspirators. The actual assassins were probably imported French Mafia -the best and the brightest did not leave anything to chance, and foreign assassins who were ushered in and out of the country, were relatively difficult to trace. These are the only people who had the obsession, the means and the opportunity, to murder the President of the United States, and to cover it up. There is absolutely no other conceivable possibility. In essence, you can add detail, but you cannot subtract known facts -they have been “explained away” far too long, to seriously entertain another denial.

If this sounds confusing, understand this. The Kennedy assassination controversy has been dominated by cover up artists. If you haven’t spent 20 years uncovering the truth, you should be confused. But rest assured that every single word in this e-mail, is verifiable, and every single denial is shrouded in secrecy, deceit and outright fraud. This is the simple, unvarnished, indisputable truth.

July 15, 1999