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The DoD is showing that $9,300,000,000,000 has gone missing this past fiscal year.

— Catherine Austin Fitts
Another interview given this past week was Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com hosted by Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com. Ms. Fitts brought to our attention YET ANOTHER LOOTING OF THE USA from within the Department of Defense to the tune of $9.3 Trillion. Those of us who have followed the hidden threads of 9/11 Truth heard alarm bells clanging loud and clear at that revelation.

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An article that I have written as part of the now-published Rogue Report lays out points that Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. This is the admission made by none other than Donald Rumsfeld only one day before the September 11th tragedy — namely, that $2.3 Trillion had gone missing at the Pentagon. And wouldn’t you know it, but all the evidence of that theft is lost in the rubble of the WTC and — oh what a coinky dink — within the rubble of the office of Naval Intelligence, the only office touched on 9/11 at the Pentagon.
Here are paraphrased comments by Ms. Fitts that you can hear yourself near the beginning of this Youtube video:

CAF: The DoD Inspector General just published the results for fiscal year ended Sept. 2015. Including “adjustments,” the Department of Defense is showing that $9,300,000,000,000 has gone missing last year. This is the biggest amount that has gone missing since the Financial Coup d’etat [that began in 1997]. This is the “cut and run.” One of the things that we’ve been demanding with all this money missing from the federal government is that we be told which banks and contractors are responsible, who is in violation of the Constitution, who is in violation of the laws related to financial management. Lockheed-Martin is the company that has most responsibility.

Well, guess what? A month before the DoD announced that they were missing $9.3 trillion, Lockheed-Martin finished spinning out its IT division into a new, smaller company. So they are cutting-and-running. They are getting the liabilities off their balance sheet. 

Greg: “This is what happens at the end of empires, right? The treasury is looted.”

CAF: “As I’ve described many times, the Financial Coup d’etat has used securities fraud — both mortgage securities and government securities — to basically shift all the assets out. The Fed is accommodating the fraud. The money is being pulled out in a variety of ways. This $9.3 Trillion is just one of the ways.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ms. Fitts mentions that the total amount that has gone “missing” within the DoD during the last 18 years or so amounts to about $50,000,000,000,000. That figure must be on Jamie Dimon’s mind. Today, he made a statement to the effect that there is $50 Trillion just lying around somewhere.

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In conclusion, all eyes should be focused now on China and, as usual, on Putin and Russia, as we await the next chess move in this game being played by madmen who feel entitled to hold the fate of planet Earth in their hands, not yours.