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Speaking of a waste of time and money Electric Cars are far worse of a nightmare than people imagine

  • burn 2x the oil, coal, natural gas of light duty diesels
  • produce more CO2 and pollutants than light duty diesels

At this time there is no way to get past the 33% efficiency of turning coal, oil, or natural gas into electricity at the power plant.  This single factor swamps all the other factors.
Including energy distribution (at the wheel efficiency) of various energy sources:

  • Electric: 18%
  • Gas: 34%
  • Diesel: 47%

And the electric cars that run on oil, natural gas, or coal are all producing pollution back at the electric plant, while the light duty diesel with SCR/DEF pollution recovery system are actually zero emission.
The details:

There once was a man named Elon,
Who was a criminal felon…
He made an electrical thingy,
That toasted a man like a weenie.

Here’s a brief summary of Tesla:
In business since 2003. Never made a dime of profit (GAAP).
Does not make cash to keep the doors open by normal business methods. They depend on massive government (taxpayer) subsidies and the sale of astronomically overpriced stock to True Believer fanboyz.
They have no proprietary technology. They use 20 year old Li-Ion battery tech to drive 100 year old electric motor tech. It’s been repackaged and marketed as green and cutting edge. It’s neither.
It’s a $300 lotto ticket.