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Sniffy eyes are brown these days

Who is this imposter?

His eyes are brown. His ears are completely different from the old pedo joe.

We live in a time of TOTAL FRAUD among the satanic left.

When his eyes go BLACK, the demon is in charge, more than usual, that is.

The below pic is of the REAL Biden. The eyes are light blue and his ear lobes curve upwards before connected to the neck line.

The inaugurated Sniffy Biden has dark brown eyes and his ears go straight in to the neck line. Ears and eyes are FOR LIFE, like fingerprints. And it’s not contacts. 

Explain the ears. Anyone?

During the debates, sniffy’s eyes went from blue to BLACK. He’s demonically possessed by a rather savage demon.
Another debate shot, his black eyes with this shifting energy veil.
The stumble bum brown eyed pedo boy with the WRONG EARS, NOSE, etc.
Real Biden with demon coming through