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Sniffy and Covid

For months we’ve heard from the lying, propaganda media and the Xiden crew about how Trump failed in his china virus response and how as soon as Xiden is elected he will implement life saving protocols and new ideas on how to curb and combat the virus.
His super hero response to the pandemic is:
1. Kiss China’s ass and not allow it to be called by any name that shows who unleashed it on us
2. Wear 3 useless masks instead of 1 useless one and cause many more secondary illnesses from mask wearing
3. Come out and say there is nothing more we can do

What a miraculous and innovative response compared to President Trump’s

Your forced labor schedule will include:
0900 -1200: toppling statues of racist, fascist,white male “founders” of evil America
1200-1215: lunch of state approved soy and tofu meat substitutes
1215-1330: Paining “BLM” on city streets and plazas
1330-1530: Atonement for sins projects -here you will be bussed from camp to the inner cities where you will remove any debris, trash or dead bodies in the vacant lots and you will be assigned to one resident to be their “slave” to do whatever they want in reparations for you sins of racism.
1530 1730: you are moved to the homes of the CPA elite where you will perform any cleaning, and maintenance or miscellaneous chores. This could include “babysitting” for the underage children abducted by the elite as part of their “pedophile privilege” passed under the Clinton Carnal Cabal Act.

1730-2030: continued re-education classes in LGBTQ-lmnop (how ever many letters we are up to now), Transexual dressing protocol and “intersectional” sexual orientation, catering to illegal immigrants and acceptance of their taking your job and practicing the approved language to avoid re-incarceration for hate speech.

2030: take the “approved” cooperation and obedience pill they force on you and grin and bear it – cause you are now Bidens’ Bitch!