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Smart Meters…really just another EMF attack vector on our health. Again.

Even though they say you can opt out of having smart meters. If you refuse to have them installed, they turn off your electricity, making opting out the lie that it is. They want to know when you get up, what you turn on, when you turn it on, when you leave, and how much juice you use on the second by second basis. EMF meters go wild when around “smart” meters, indicating massive radiation fields you can never escape. Welcome to hell on earth and frankly, you cannot get away from them. They are everywhere now.


Many Idaho residents want nothing to do with the new Smart Meters forced on them by Idaho Electric and the Public Utilities Commission in order to replace analog electric meters.

Some simply don’t want them, others don’t appreciate the eerie surveillance of residents’ whereabouts and usage and the ability for remote power shut-off, especially where medical devices are concerned.

Most alarming have been the health effects from the EMF output – headaches, insomnia, nausea, ringing ears and more reported by residents nationwide.