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The chronology:

2003—Bush2 enacts EO13335 electronic medical records to begin the data collection on all US citizens to be fully functional by 2014.

2004—SMART Grid is in planning stages

2005–Security & Prosperity Partnership signed by Bush 2, calling for SMART grid to cover Canada, the US and Mexico.

2005—REAL ID signed into law. The system will rely on digital information data gathering, storage and sharing transmissions and is still being pushed by HSD.

2005—TSA Secure Flight imposed by HSD. Digital passports. Includes biometric markers, iris scans, finger prints and real time comparison through newly developing digital systems.

2007–Smart Grid Title (Title XIII) of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Title X111 is the SMART GRID surveillance plan.

2008—Economic Stabilization Act—-A Corporate funding bill to begin the full scale roll out of SMART meters and necessary digital technology. Also shifted tax liabilities from energy corporations to ratepayers (taxpayers).

2008—Stimulus Package—Billions more in corporate funding and subsidies for SMART meters and SMART technology/net metering/monitoring. Projected date for full implementation is 2012, or 2014 at the latest.

2009—The conversion to all digital communications to facilitate the monitoring of all surveillance, communications, healthcare, personal identity, and surveillance programs and systems.

2010—Obamacare passes and is signed into law. A breach of the Constitution. Calls for RFID chips/nanotechnology to be inserted into implantable medical devices. Relies on HEALTH CARE SMART grid for collection, storage and dissemination of private health records to interested stakeholders. To be fully operational by 2014.

2010—-S:510 The fake food safety bill passes with one unanimous vote by “Dirty Harry” Reid (D)NV. The bill calls for the eventual chipping and tracking of all livestock, domestic food shipments, packaging, and other material so that everything produced can be tracked from farm to fork with a heavy emphasis on targeting independent and family AG operations in order to render them unviable; the surveillance to be facilitated by a sector of the SMART grid digital system.