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Shoving four years of would be Hildebeast in a matter of days, circumventing congress and the senate with EOs

It should be quite clear to anyone paying attention that the Sniffy demons are making up for the Hildebeasts’ loss at the polls in 2016. By shoving daily, dozens of new laws down our throat and congress doesn’t say a single word about it, tells us how quickly they want to burn down this country.

And make it communist, NWO style.

Each day brings new and strange laws. Each day, we lose more freedom and the state gains more authority over our lives. And the compliant nephilim everywhere enforces it.

Getting everything ready for the Commila coronation next month.

Then, in March, the bitch will be upon us, body and soul.

And you won’t like it one little bit. These demons are out for blood. Our blood. Your children’s blood. You can bet the adrenochrome factories and child trafficking are running full tilt again. Trump shut that stuff down. The demons have turned it all on again.

We’re F’d. Period.


PS Anything you see or read about a SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE is conditioning. The Davos crowd and the adrenochrome drinkers are changing our FICO to the Chicom system. That means you have to be an obedient slave sycophant to all things satanic, or you are a NON PERSON, with NO CREDIT HISTORY.

Coming this June.