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FOREX is 1 million times larger than the equities and commodities markets combined, in monetary worth and trade valuation. It is the exchange and rate of exchange between foreign currencies, though also unstated by its relationship to GOLD.

Gold and Silver are real money. Paper money only started having value because it used to be backed by gold several decades ago. Now it’s backed by nothing except mass delusion and geopolitics.

Since the 2008 economic collapse, central banks around the world have overdosed on financial stimulus and printing money out of thin air. They have artificially suppressed the prices of gold and silver to keep the dollar delusion going.

On April 19th 2016, China locked in the dollar’s death by launching their own gold price fix. For the first time in modern history there are now two prices of gold, one in the Chinese yuan and the other in the dying dollar.

If the West were to raise the price of gold, it would kill the dollar completely as it would prematurely instigate the inevitable mother of all safe haven panics.

If the East were to raise the price of gold, it would drain the West’s gold reserves due to arbitrage. This would expose the West’s fake gold market and kill the dollar. Doing this prematurely means the East could no longer buy gold for themselves at heavily undervalued prices for their post-collapse monetary dominance.

The eventual endgame is that the price of gold skyrockets and the dollar permanently collapses along with the global banking system and modern society as we know it. Black Friday will be everyday as the masses murder each other for a peach pit. This is sure to happen anytime between now and the end of 2018.

Don’t believe it? Don’t worry you’ll find out soon.