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Self-Driving Cars And Deciding Who Lives And Dies – Sacrificing Your Family For The “Greater Good”

by DB

Can you afford $250,000.00 for a self-driving car that is controlled remotely by some bureaucrat? You can? Wow, then I guess you get to have one in the near future, because this is where all this electric, self-driving car noize is heading. This isn’t speculation or fear mongering, they flat out say so every chance these Elon Musk types get in front of a microphone. Musk and other shills like him, constantly spew this global warming BS save the planet crap without letup.

For the rest of us, it’s a bike or a bus. 

Tell me, how do you do grocery shopping on a bike? Or visit your sister who lives 300 miles away? How about pick up the kids at three different schools on a bike or bus? Or take little Janey to band practice? Guess what, you don’t. These activities are OVER for them. And for you, too, libtard-safe-space-sanctuary idgit.

And that’s what they want. You crammed into mega-cities you can never, ever leave. How about taking two hours to get to work ten miles away on a bus that stops at every corner, usually filled with white hating migrant and minority thugs who often as not, are going to rob you and beat the living hell out of you. They never mention that part of reality. Oh hell no.

And little by little, they are passing legislation that limits gas cars to the point they are finally outlawed. Except for rich people and politicians, they get to go anywhere.

And if you think this is some futuristic kind of thing, think again. This is already on the Agenda 21 planning outlines being implemented in every state, county, and city all over this country, especially in California. And the leftist safe space mental midgets think this is all great.


This is all about taking away our rights and free will to move about as we wish, whenever we wish, to wherever we wish.

These electric cars don’t go very far, take hours to recharge-which costs more than gas to charge-and the cars themselves cost what a HOUSE USED TO COST 20 YEARS AGO. And these plastic P.O.S carts have a nasty tendency to explode, because lithium is unstable and the cell structure is designed to be light, for weight savings, making the odds of being burned alive, very likely, the more you drive the plastic turd.

1 in 3 people who enable self-driving feature of Tesla cars (cost of $8,000.00 to enable, wow) are in near fatal, or totally fatal accidents caused by the “kill the driver” software feature of stupidville.

But what does that matter? Think how much virtue signalling you can do with your other liberal tard friends with a shitbox that needs all night to charge and has an average range of 150 miles. In my county alone THERE IS ONLY ONE CHARGING STATION FOR THESE CRAP MOBILES. And it’s in a bad part of town…that’s got to be by design, cracker mofo. And happy day, because these shitboxes start at 100,000.00 per car, basic model, not counting insurance, and upgrades so that damn thing will work.

But that’s not the fun part. The best part  is, as hackers have demonstrated all over YouTube, is how EASY IT IS TO HACK AND REMOTELY CONTROL EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE CAR WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING IT. Like slamming on the brakes at 80 miles per hour, or steering the plastic turd into a tree or a parked car. Or turning off the engine, locking the doors, and hard righting the steering wheel while on the freeway. All of this is possible. And not only with electric shitboxes, but also with most ANY modern car made after 2013.

Your life and lives, are in the hands of others.

What if you are a person who speaks out against the NWO or  police abuse or govt wrong-doing. How easy is it for the Blackwater ops people to slam you into a telephone pole against your will at midnight, to end you? they did this to Michael Hastings and many other whistle blowers.

So, go ahead and push for this satanic, leftist Hillary witch tech and when your life turns to absolute shit, you have no one to blame but you and your gay friends who praised this ugly, freedom robbing direction.  And, in the future, I hope every one of you liberal shit bags gets the living hell beat out of you on the city bus, because it was YOU that voted and encouraged, and programmed young children into believing this was going to save the planet.

And you are total idiots. Just look up lithium mining and its total devastation to those areas they strip mine in south america and Africa. It looks like an atomic bomb went off. They have to strip one surface acre of land to get ONE POUND of lithium. ONE POUND. And how about all that electricity you suck into your stupid batteries? 80 % of all power generated in the world is done by COAL BURNING PLANTS…not very clean.

These are facts your retarded group of addled brained panzies never consider. Ever.

As the establishment continues to declare that the era of “self-driving” cars is upon us, many Americans have been left wondering what the privacy implications for such a tremendous change in society will end up being.

Now, with the very real possibility that, in the event of an accident, these cars would literally make the decision between who dies and who lives, Americans have even more to worry about when it comes to handing over control of their vehicle to a supercomputer.
According to multiple reports, the cars themselves are being designed to make so-called “moral” decisions which, in other words, means that the programming would essentially allow say a car full of people to crash rather than a school bus.
USA Today reports:

Consider this hypothetical:
It’s a bright, sunny day and you’re alone in your spanking new self-driving vehicle, sprinting along the two-lane Tunnel of Trees on M-119 high above Lake Michigan north of Harbor Springs. You’re sitting back, enjoying the view. You’re looking out through the trees, trying to get a glimpse of the crystal blue water below you, moving along at the 45-mile-an-hour speed limit.
As you approach a rise in the road, heading south, a school bus appears, driving north, one driven by a human, and it veers sharply toward you. There is no time to stop safely, and no time for you to take control of the car.
Does the car:
A. Swerve sharply into the trees, possibly killing you but possibly saving the bus and its occupants?
B. Perform a sharp evasive maneuver around the bus and into the oncoming lane, possibly saving you, but sending the bus and its driver swerving into the trees, killing her and some of the children on board?
C. Hit the bus, possibly killing you as well as the driver and kids on the bus?

The article goes on to say that the above question is one that is no longer theoretical as upwards of $80 billion have been invested in the sector with companies such as Google, Uber, and Tesla all racing to get their self-driving cars onto a road near you.
Interestingly, the USA Today report, as well as those quoted within it, seems to outwardly worry that the questions surrounding self-driving cars will cause Americans to shun them and continue to drive cars operated by actual humans who can choose whether or not they wish to save their own family or someone else’s if an accident were to take place. Clearly there is an agenda at play here.
The article continued:

Whether the technology in self-driving cars is superhuman or not, there is evidence that people are worried about the choices self-driving cars will be programmed to take.

Last month, Sebastian Thrun, who founded Google’s self-driving car initiative, told Bloomberg that the cars will be designed to avoid accidents, but that “If it happens where there is a situation where a car couldn’t escape, it’ll go for the smaller thing.”
But what if the smaller thing is a child? According to the Rand corporation, Fuck em, let them die.
How that question gets answered may be important to the development and acceptance of self-driving cars.
Azim Shariff, an assistant professor of psychology and social behavior at the University of California, Irvine, co-authored a study last year that found that while respondents generally agreed that a car should, in the case of an inevitable crash, kill the fewest number of people possible regardless of whether they were passengers or people outside of the car, they were less likely to buy any car “in which they and their family member would be sacrificed for the greater good.”

All in all the entire report is a must-read, especially when you consider that we are now directly talking about allowing either private companies or the government to decide whether or not ourselves or our families are worthy of being saved in a car accident.