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Seed growing timetables

Growing vegetables 12 to 14 weeks: onions*, leeks*, chives*, celery, globe artichoke
8 to 12 weeks: green onions*, peppers, eggplant, lettuce*
6 to 8 weeks: Swiss chard, mustard spinach*, Oriental greens*, cucumbers, tomatoes
4 to 6 weeks: cucumbers, cabbage family crops* (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, kale)
2 to 4 weeks: melon, okra, pumpkins, squash
Growing flowers
20 weeks: fuchsia
12 to 14 weeks: pansies*, lobelia, coleus, impatiens, poppies
8 to 12 weeks: snapdragons, alyssum, petunia
6 to 8 weeks: calendula*, daisy, nemesia, ageratum and other hardy annuals
4 to 6 weeks: African daisy, marigolds, zinnias, cockscombs, godetia, nasturtium, bachelor button, dahlia, canary bird vine, sweet peas and other tender annuals
Growing herbs
12 to 14 weeks: chives, oregano, mint, yarrow, parsley
8 to 12 weeks: thyme, chamomile, feverfew, valerian, catnip
6 to 8 weeks: dill, chervil, coriander, lemon balm, sage, arugula, savory, basil

Seedlings need 14 to 16 hours of light per day