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Say something sexist go to jail, unless you are a woman, then its okay

Don’t say an F’n word, or you go to jail

Head of Vogue Magazine…no wonder women dress like freaks

Via The Daily Bell
A Belgian court fined a man €3,000 ($3,700) for telling a female police officer that she should do a job more “adapted to women.”
It is the first time that anyone has been convicted of sexism under a new Belgian law.

The driver was found guilty of three charges: contempt of a police officer, making threats and sexist remarks in public, and a serious violation of another person’s dignity because of her gender.
He was warned that if he failed to pay the fine, a prison term of a month would be imposed.
“This is the first time we have used this law to prosecute someone,” said Gilles Blondeau, spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office. “It is quite common for people arrested by the police to insult and threaten. But to personally blame a policewoman because of her sex is different.” …
Under the law, any behaviour expressing “contempt towards a person, because of their sexuality” or treating a person as “inferior or as reduced essentially to their sexual dimension“, which entails a serious attack on their dignity is punishable by up to a year in prison and/or a fine.

I’m a witch and we got all the laws changed to destroy white men.

But how weak must people be when they need a law to protect their feelings? It is almost as if some women think they need the state and their guns to protect them because women are unable to protect themselves.

And the women called 911

That is an actual sexist attitude. It seems to suggest women are too frail to fend off mere words.
A strong self-assured woman would not need the law to retaliate against men who insult or offend her.

The fact that this criminalizes speech against a public official is even more concerning.
It doesn’t matter how rude, nasty, or offensive someone is, the right to free speech is more important.
You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

from a reader

What about the oh-so-catty words of women, aimed at other women, sometimes by women in positions of authority in the many 98%-to-100%-mom-staffed, discriminatory, female-dominated workplaces?

This is protected EU speech.

Here’s how it goes in the USA.

Women often try to bully out the female “non culture fits” in the many workplaces, staffed with 100% or close to 100% women.

Women do this for a variety of reasons, including 1) pushing out the hardworking and high-selling competition in sales-related jobs and 2) shoving out the few childless women who don’t fit in the frequently absentee mom gangs in the many female-dominated back-office jobs “voted best for moms” to keep the lid on their crony absenteeism collusion.

Women with unearned income for womb productivity often use “mean words” to bully out the women with no unearned income from spouses / ex spouses / monthly welfare and child-tax-credit welfare up to $6,444, hoisting up their low wages.

Women use “mean words” like weapons, bullying non-culture-fit women into quitting the crony-mom-absenteeism-gang jobs before they are eligible for Unemployment Compensation, which covers rent between low-wage jobs.

Many “non-culture-fit” females, working in catty, female-dominated industries, never get a dime of the UC that they pay into, while many of these culture-fit absentee bully moms, working part time to stay below the earned-income limit for welfare, are showered with 100%-free, non-contributory monthly welfare that covers their rent and groceries and child tax credits up to $6,444.
Thanks to witholding and their now-doubled refundable $6,444 (max) child tax credits, their paychecks are higher, even though they — and many of the married moms, too — often bound out the workplace door every afternoon, leaving behind phones ringing off the hook with paying customers, leading to unmet quotas, month after month, especially since they likewise take off whole days and whole weeks beyond their PTO and pregnancy leave.

Well-vacationed moms-in-charge often fire the female “non culture fits” who come to work every day, stay the whole day and meet the account-generation and account-retention numbers every month, while keeping the back-watching, frequently absentee culture-fit moms whose sales and account-retention numbers are low, but who squeal with delight at the Halloween Dress-Up Day festivities and during the parking lot Family Day Picnic. They churn the high-selling “non culture fits” after they get their bonus numbers up.

Do the counts in Belgium punish female managers who, in the middle of a meeting in a corporate back office, say “The prize for the baby-mommy-look-alike-bulletin-board decorating contest is getting X childless, female employee down in the floor and smearing Vaseline all over her shiny, exfoliated face?”

How’s that for degrading?

Does the goverment fine female (mom) managers who interview childless, non-culture-fit females by letting them know, as the female non culture fit sits down to interview and before a word is uttered, that “we have 17 women in here (MOMS), and we HAVE to have someone who fits in!”
Momma managers in a company with a big goverment contract due to being a “woman-owned” business dud that to me without batting an eyelash.

It is typical. It is the norm in female-dominated industries.

In the USA, it is okay to discriminate if you do it in reverse, discriminating against men, or if you narrow your discrimination categories within the blanket of gender.

How about being told—after getting ready for an hour, driving for an hour, waiting for an hour, filing out a bunch of forms with every type of information in the world for an hour and answering an hour’s worth of canned hoop-jumping interview questions—that, for this low-wage office job, we hire “women with somethin’ comin in’ from spouses or ex spouses or government due to womb productivity, which hoists up the low wages for the 100% female employees.

You need a spousal income that pays your rent, child support that covers rent or free food, free rent, free electricity, monthly cash assistance and a child tax credit up to $6,444 for womb productivity out of wedlock to get this female-dominated, low-paying office job, woman.

How about being told by a female hiring manager in an interview that “I can see what you are, and YOU just don’t know what it is like to raise two boys.”

Translation: Despite your college degree, four relevant licenses and 3 years of experience, including experience doing the very thing we do here, and with high numbers when dealing with one of our biggest clients in another business, YOU definitely won’t fit in our back-watching mom-protection gang of frequently absentee, womb-productive female discriminators.