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Satanists have an actual terror organization going around firebombing pregnancy centers and they’re threatening bombings and actual murder of mothers with children in public if Roe is overturned.

This – put up an “its ok to be white” poster and you get federal charges the next day and doxed by every slug in the world. Threaten terrorism openly on twitter and firebomb pediatrician offices with pigs blood at midnight with your nasty troon coven and you get a free pass from local law and the FBI. Nothing to see, move along.

Antifa is firebombing pediatrician and birthing clinics and threatening doctors who deliver babies with murder, including their families. Nothing happens to them. Ever

Just say abortion is evil and wrong and you get put on a white racism watch list by the SPLC, ADL, JDL, and FBI, even if you are black. FACT. State your intentions to defend such sites from these satanic killers and the moment you step outside your door the FBI will be there to arrest you; as they’ve done.