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Satanic sellouts of Europe who import millions of Jihadists who rape, murder, and rob everything they see as often as possible, openly criticize Trump for pointing out the obvious national suicide of allowing these Murderers within one’s borders

As discussed yesterday, President Donald Trump’s decision to unleash a series of “truculent tweets” showing videos of Islamist mobs destroying Christian artifacts and, in one video, pushing a boy off a building has elicited howls of outrage from both American lawmakers and liberal leaders across the “open” west.
Amid the growing global outrage, no world leader responded more stridently than UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who successfully pressured US diplomats to drop plans for Donald Trump to conduct a visit to Britain in January amid a war of words between the two countries’ leaders. May emphatically criticized Trump for tweeting the videos, saying “I think we must all take seriously the threat that the far-right poses.”
Trump had been scheduled for a ‘working visit’ in the first month of 2018 to formally open America’s new London embassy, according to the Telegraph.
The trip, a scaled down version of a state visit with no meeting with the Queen, was organized to allow Trump to visit the UK without triggering the outpouring of protests that would accompany an official state visit.
According to the Telegraph, rather than being cancelled, Trump’s brief working visit has been “pushed into the long grass.” Meanwhile, no new data have been released.
A senior US diplomat appeared to confirm this: “The idea of a visit has obviously been floated, but not December and not January. I would not expect a Trump visit in January.”
Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, hinted the trip could be delayed, telling MPs on Thursday morning that “we have yet to make the arrangements” and “dates have not yet been agreed.”

The satanic LGBTFKO elite hate Trump as they hated JFK, who stood against them and their dark agenda

During her first public comments about the tweets, May rebuked Trump, saying he was “wrong” to share the videos and insisting her cabinet ministers would never do the same. Doing nothing  to disguise her frustration, May denounced Britain First as a “hateful organization” that “seeks to spread mistrust and division within our communities.” Of course, Trump quickly responded that May should focus on fighting “Radical Islamic Terror.” But oh no, the sellout whore doesn’t seem to mind that thousands of white british women are raped and murdered every year by these so-called refugee =jihadists. Nope, Trump is the bad guy, because he doesn’t want that kind of national suicide in the USA.

Sir Kim Darroch, the British ambassador in Washington, formally complained to the White House about Trump’s behavior.

One Labour MP, Chris Byrant, went so far as suggesting that the US President should face arrest if he came to the UK. “The Prime Minister should make it absolutely clear that if Donald Trump comes to this country, he’ll be arrested for inciting religious hatred and therefore he’d be better off not coming at all.”


When asked whether Trump was legitimizing far-right groups, May said: “I think that we must all take seriously the threat that far-Right groups pose, both in terms of the terrorist threat that is posed by those groups and the necessity of dealing with extremist material which is far-Right as well. “I have commented in the past on issues in the United States on this matter. In the United Kingdom we take the far-Right very seriously and that is why we ensure that we deal with these threats and this extremism wherever it comes and whatever its source.”
She added that she would not hesitate to rebuke America when she feels Trump has got something wrong, despite the special relationship between the two countries. “The fact that we work together does not mean that we are afraid to say when we think the United States have got it wrong and be very clear with them,” she said.
Meanwhile London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor, said Trump would not be welcome in the capital.
“As the mayor of this great diverse city, I have previously called on Theresa May to cancel her ill-judged offer of a state visit to President Trump… After this latest incident, it is increasingly clear that any official visit at all from President Trump to Britain would not be welcomed.”


The staggering Rip Van Winkle quality of Trump’s point of view is incredibly refreshing.  While the world’s political elite has been literally selling out their countries to the leader’s of the middle east for the past 20 years then brainwashing the public as to ‘goodness’ of it all…Trump has had his head in the sand doing whatever the hell it is that he has been doing for the past 20 years.
It’s as if now being thrust onto the presidential stage he is seeing it all for the first time and seeing the insanity of where we are compared to where we were and calling bullshit to it all.  Keep it up Trump, please don’t let these fucking assholes that apologize for Muslim terrorism as ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’ change you.

 Paki convenience store clerk down the block said he was truly overjoyed to get his family out of that dump. He said gangs of Muslims walk the streets and beat people  up for no reason, whites, Pakis, Chinese, Indians, etc..he said anyone even other Muslims esp if they are another religion; it’s even worse for them since the different religions hate each other.

 Odd none of these “world leaders” or USA liberals criticized Obama when he ruthlessly bombed hopsitals and wedding parties overeas, or when he ceaselessly bombed Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, etc killing millions of innocent people.

 Afghanistan and Yemen have hidden terrorists, giving them safe harbor, and then, they go on to attack and commit mass murders in the West. Some of these are very rich people, like Bin Laden. Do not buy their story about being so morally outraged that they commit mass murder. If they really wanted to help their people, these often rich terrorist leaders would do something about starvation in places like Yemen. They use religion as an excuse to commit evil acts of mass murder, like others use extremist political ideology as an excuse. The solution is not more war unless we are attacked as in 9/11. The solution is the greatly reduced immigration plan favored by Trump’s Deplorable voters. Which would cut out mass, welfare-supported immigration and restrict new immigration to a small number of merit-based, undeniably pro-Western applicants. Reducing it from 1 million new immigrants per year to 500,000 is probably not enough trimming. How about 250,000 per year until America’s workforce participation rises. No matter how the Fake News spins / ignores the numbers, economic conditions in the US and in Britain [do not] warrant a flood of immigrants. It raises social tensions and is 100% irresponsible, increasing the danger levels in both countries. I do not think it helps legal immigrants who went through a lengthy process to enter, either, in that they are often lumped into the same category as people who came illegally or en mass without really wanting to be Westerners.

You always hear that term “Global outrage”. Outrage from whom? Some people on Twitter and the Liberal media? Are three billion Chinese and Indians outraged? Half a billion South Americans? 150 million Russians? 120 million Japanese?

As if anyone outside of Liberal Western circles (in a few countries) gives a f**k what Trump said.
Of course, our spineless politicans have to react because for some reason they are beholden to said Liberal media

The UK will be unrecognizable in one generation. Now, many areas of London are no-go zones for anyone other than the muzzie savages.

Most corporate entities will decamp to Switzerland or Vienna and leave London to be eaten alive by the invaders. Already well underway. The whole BREXIT discussion is a distraction.

European leaders are satanists, a death cult. And what they want dead is their mainly christian citizens, so they make sure the killers come in who will do the killing. The blood is on their hands.