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Satanic Modern Women. Especially witches, pushing an agenda

In reality, pan sex freak witch would also be covered in satanic sigil tats
GIRL: “I identify as non binary gender fluid pan sexual.”
BOY: “Do you like kids?”
GIRL: “I hate kids! It’s imperative the Human Race be driven into extinction – that’s the only way we can save Mother Gaia.”
BOY: “Huh… Well do you know to make a ham & cheese on rye?”

The satanic household – wife sleaps with the coven and whatever else she wants to corrupt

94% of all black men leave their pregnant women within 18 months of inception. Good luck with that honey – go find a white beta cuck to take his place, they’re out there.

Minority illegals hate the rule of law

lesbian witches, covered in sigils and demonic anchors.

Unless you find a leftist cuck with money who is willing to be your slave, while you sleep around on him on girl’s night out.