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Saline solution and the vax weapon

I’ve known about the saline solution shots for at least 2 months now. The admixture seems about 20/80 percentile, per batch. I also know that certain individuals are targeted for the kill shot and others, not so much. This is why the originally big push to appointments ONLY for the kill shot, so those on the hit list were sure to get the poison. Once that became moot and vax weapon shots fell off dramatically, they went to random chance to deliver the weapon.

However, I still do not have, smoking gun proof of the matter before us. Because of this fact, I’ve been hesitant in confirmation and reporting of the issue as it stands. It is still just rumor, but one that is growing in anecdotal confirmation daily.

A friend has sent me this private missive regarding the above question. I share it en toto with you all, for your consideration. This adjunct story about MLK is what my research revealed 20 years ago, when I dug as deep as possible, including court transcripts and eye witness verification of the whole MLK murder on my own. I verify the adjunct story as genuine, scanty as it is.


 JJ is Jesse Jackson, long term CIA covert operative

Missive received this day of June, 28th, 2021
As shocking and disturbing as this news is, a little relief may be that not everyone who has taken the “vaccine” may technically have had their genome altered. But this remark isn’t as cheery as it might seem…

After the meeting today, one of among a small group of us was speaking outside on the sidewalk, expounding on the comment he made during the meeting, a comment that the most prominent member warned against his bringing up at the press conference this coming Wednesday. I’m talking the CFA. So he said that the “vaccine” campaign is a secret military psy-op (he must mean here in the States, but perhaps worldwide since the US has military bases throughout the world?)… anyway, he said it is now known that between 50% and 80% of the injections given are actually saline solutions!  This is why not everyone is getting sick and/or dying (in addition, I think, to the particular ways in which our individual bodies react to the “vaccine,” according the state of health each of us is in). But I was impressed by this revelation. It makes sense to have a lot of people report that they are feeling fine after having taken the “vaccine” (which isn’t a “vaccine” now for two reasons: it’s a gene-altering shot or it’s a saltwater injection). In the meantime, a minority of people (whether randomly or somehow deliberately chosen) would be sacrificed according to their agenda, the goals of which (depopulation, easier management of the remainder) will take longer than if everyone dropped dead all at once. So during this little, after-hours meeting outside, I asked our man just how does he know this? He said with no hesitation that all of the samples that had been collected throughout the country were taken to labs, and between 50-80% of the “vaccines” were saline solution. I pressed him. But who is collecting these samples, and how? He said anyone can get a sample from a “vaccine” administering site by bribing (for $50-$100) the deliveryman/driver of the vehicle, in the rear of the building, bringing the vials to the pharmacies, hospitals, etc. These would include (some, or many) churches, esp. those in black neighborhoods: one of our protests, about two weeks ago or so, was at the Abyssinian Baptist Church on W.138th Street in Harlem. Both Fauci and Jill Biden visited that church to administer the “vaccine” to a young black woman (maybe a teenager), and publicize it in Harlem in order to overcome blacks’ “vaccine hesitancy.” And, according to our man, the “vaccine” for the young woman would have been the saline jab. 

Getting back to collecting the samples, I asked him, since I was still dubious, is that the only way to get samples for testing at labs, by those bribes? He said there are other ways, and someone interjected to say that she saw a video in which samples were stolen by whisking the vials (in carrying cases, I imagine) away from whoever it was who was in possession of them. I saw something like this in the documentary, you know, Once They Did Live, if Iremember the title correctly. So my question was not answered (you know how talking goes when it’s freely spoken, esp. in a group). But I guess that medics, nurses, doctors, anyone in the health field can also get samples easily, for testing.  

Anyway, our spokesman is very aware of what is going on behind the scenes (he knows that, and how, the Jesuits rule), and he spoke openly, volubly (but he was not glib, it seemed to me), with great confidence, answering all questions expertly and immediately and satisfyingly, even personal questions. Here’s one example. He told a story about the most famous black Freemason in America. This is J.J, right? (he did say his full name, it’s me who’s abbreviating here), the same man who made a bid for the White House in both 84 and 88. 

Anyway, our man, who does professional research, and who owns a research company, and who all his life has had a photographic memory, went into great detail about the assassination of MLK. It was JJ who did it, or was directly complicit. Here’s the low-down. MLK never lodged in motels during all his previous travels, complying with his own security not ever to do so. He would stay in the nearest Holiday Inn. On MLK’s second trip to Memphis in support of the sanitation workers who were on strike, in early April 68. it was JJ who insisted that King stay in a motel, specifically the Lorraine Motel. He made a big fuss, putting a lot of pressure on MLK’s security until they relented but with one condition: that King stay off the balcony outside his motel room: Room 306. He was not to go near it. King agreed. Then came time for his decision on whether to wear a coat or not on their way out. Someone decided to call the desk in the lobby downstairs for a weather report, and in the meantime King went to the window at the balcony but only to stick his hand out to feel how warm the air was. Then he heard his name being called, “Martin,” by someone on the balcony. It was JJ, who needed to talk to King, he said, and then deliberately kept King talking for ten minutes after he came out. Then it happened, with MLK taking the hit to the head. In Freemasonry, in order to be initiated into one of the higher ranks, you have to first take someone out. Everybody listening was dumbfounded.