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Rule 7

7) A bro must always respect another bro’s car, house, and parents.

A good bro should always treat another bro’s car, house, and parents as his own. This is almost like the golden rule that they pound into the heads of grade school children. Treat people as you wish to be treated. A bro who is always disrespecting your car, home and family is no bro at all.

I was once at a small party. And everyone I brought with me was showing ultimate respect for the home and the people who lived there. Taking off your shoes when entering the home, double flushing, doing everything possible to keep things clean. These are just a few good bro practices. If for whatever reason you have a bro who is being some what of an ass, then evict him from the party. Shut that stuff down wherever it should arise.

I have also seen bros with immaculate, beautiful looking cars, as well as horribly trashed looking cars. The immaculate cars stayed immaculate because the owner endeavored to keep it looking good and so did his bros. While the trashed car was trashed by the owner and his bros.

A good way to signal to your bros that they should respect your property is by respecting it yourself. If you take very good care of an object then likewise so shall your bros. If a bro should disrespect your property, all that may be needed for reprimanding him is a, “not cool bro, now clean it up.”

Go forth my bros, keep the peace and party hard!