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Rule 1

The bro code. Where did it come from? What does it mean? How does it alter the actions that person would normally make without it?

The answer is, that it does not alter a persons actions. The bro code has always existed since the beginning of the male social circle. In the heart of every man is written his own moral compass. Each person is raised with sense of what is right and what is wrong, and a guidance system to know the difference. Also known as your conscience. This fundamental sense of good and bad is what fathered the bro code.

Rule 1) You must always have your bro’s back. No exceptions.

At first glance a person may think this refers to protecting a fellow bro in a pride or pain battle via fisticuffs. That person would be wrong. It is commonly believed that the number one golden rule of the bro code is “bros over hoes” and this belief is also wrong.

A true bro does not live his life by demeaning the female character and elevating his own ego to the point of “I’m better than everyone else.” Rule 1 is in place to show that the true meaning and purpose of the bro code is the unity and strength between two such bros.

A few bros who follow the bro code to its highest moral intent should be able to overcome anything from drama to boredom to the zombie apocalypse. And in case you didn’t notice those zombies are coming sooner than expected.

This Rule is further extrapolated to the meaning that whatever endeavor your bro should choose to undertake, he needs your support. For example, a change of major, or career choice.

A superior bro code will overcome everything from a horrible family life to a girlfriend from hell.

It should be mentioned here that the bro code is a bridge built to meet in the middle from the sides. That is to say that if only one bro is following the code, the bro-ship will only last for so long.