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Ron Paul…just another lightening rod

You see it, right? The whole point of the Ron Pauls and Lyndon Larouches and all the others they put up as alternative choice for those who feel outside of the system, betrayed by it, and disenfranchised?

You finally get it, right?

It’s to give you something to do and believe in. These shills are lightening rods, designed by the satanic network to say and do things that sound like freedom, express freedom, without actually doing anything or giving freedom.

No one. And I mean NO ONE in politics is legit. Not in our time. Ever. You couldn’t get elected dog catcher without the blessing of the network. Period. Pushed by network assets, who know full well the mission statement.

And when pols step outside of the little assigned box and try do things their own way, they are taught lessons (as is everyone else) with plane crashes, shootings, and heart attacks. THat’s how it is.

Tell me..what legislation has any of these ever brought forward about mind control, satanism, or chemtrails, or any of the evils of our land. Show it to me.

And look at the Ron Paul seal, sign, and symbol. What does it say to you?

Using the satanic credo to speak and write in reverse (read Crowley’s book of The Law or the Satanic Bible for confirmation) they are showing that in fact, Paul is evil. There is no good in him.

Our Father’s light is not in his eyes.