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Remember your real enemies – commentary ZH

The real enemies of the American People are not each other. They aren’t black, white, yellow or any other color. They don’t live in ghettoes. They live everywhere and gather in covens, practicing satanic rituals of the most heinous nature to gain more power and wealth, which is all they want.

The real enemies of the American People:

* live in gated communities, in luxury high rises, penthouse suites, beachfront mansions, and in the beltway around Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac and are members of varying types of satanic orders that murder, rape, and slaughter mostly small kidnapped or bred for purpose children. SEE PIZZAGATE;
* they send YOUR sons and daughter off to die, be maimed or PTSD’d fighting insane wars in the Middle East, for the glory of Greater Israel, while THEIRS stay safely home laughing and partying as free, rich civilians (just like during the Vietnam War) while millions of Veterans and other Americans go hungry and homeless;
* they go to prestigious clerking schools like the Ivy League to learn how to strip mine the American People’s wealth for themselves;
* they staff the LYING LÜGENPRESSE (mainstream media & entertainment oligopoly) and social media propaganda machines;
* they run the banking gangsters and Con Street and the criminal crony capitalist conporations;
* they are the Oligarchs who sent your jobs to China and India solely for their personal profit;
* they fund domestic and foreign terrorist groups;
* they they employ like-minded fascist thugs and give them guns and badges to entrap, murder and imprison anyone who dares to speak about creation (Hovind) or the truth of Earth;
* they are the ones who destroyed the American economy making 100 million Americans permanently unemployed and making 64 million Americans dependent on food from the government;
* they’ve enslaved tens of millions in inner city poverty by destroying families, with welfare and government-run indoctrination centers;
* they are the bribery-blinded political parasites who unquestioningly do their Oligarch masters bidding and crippled America with $200 trillion in debt and unpayable obligations;
* the regime’s notorious SCOTUS overthrew the principle of, “one man, one vote” with, “one dollar, one vote”;
* they supply arms and supplies to Al Qaeda and ISIS, who go into towns and villages and murder women and children and then use the remainder as human shields. These are known as Jihadis and have all made the DEATH VOW TO KILL CHRISTIANS AND HEBREWS;
Remember that while they are trying to get us to go to war against each other.
Remember your real enemies.