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Red Lists

Don Bradley July 2021

I did a big write up on this back in the late 1990s. That article, with supporting doc scans are both long gone now. The sites, hard drives, all wasted, over and over again.

Here’s the deal. In the late 1980s, the CIA and DOD and various other intelligence agencies like the ONI, NSA, started compiling a 3 tiered lists of citizens. Every single person on any kind of ID grid IN THE WORLD is on this list. Let’s jump right in, no more preamble necessary.

Please remember. They have been updating and working AND sharing with other governments these lists for 40 years. It’s a long time.


Summary execution. Capture and Kill Orders. People on this list are known and self declared trouble makers, but not always. Whistle blowers are on this list, too. For obvious reasons; they know where the bodies are buried, so to say. If you have been warning and exposing the NWO/Illuminati in any capacity, you are on this list. If you are vocal, public, and always pointing out the demon behind the mask; yes, you too.

They don’t even want you on the bus to the camps. If you when that day of roundups comes, are a RED LISTER, when found, instant bullet in the head and a body bag. No discussion. No get on the bus or the back of the big AMAZON delivery vans (oops, did I let that out too early?) The last thing they want is you jammed in with 50 scared citizens TELLING them they are being driven to their deaths.

It was sobering to learn, back in 1996, that I was in fact, RED LIST. Once on, there is no getting off. When your name gets on the RED LIST, you are marked for death. As they say so very much, as WALKING DEAD MAN, though it hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve had many attempts on my life, but Dad stopped them cold. Many. Shot, poisoned, sabotaged, you name it. But when Michael stands up…well, it was nice knowing you all.

It’s best to face this now. NO one need tell you if you are on the list. That depends upon you. And trying to unwind your labors and pretend they never happened, forget about it. Once on the list, it is until the day you die. The price in serving humanity is your slaughter.

Every single Christian or any religion with the Holy Spirit is dead and on this list. The demonics cannot coexist in the same place with His Holy Presence. You are red list. Everyone of us.

This is the REAL enemies list. Most others are political fiction and theatrics for the ignorant folks. When the roundups start, Red Listers GO FIRST. These are they which are the fighters, doers, and revealers of Earth. They hate you, sir or madam. They do indeed.

Green List

Lukewarm Christians, neither hot nor cold, Conservatives, family values people. Mostly ignorant to the real play of Earth and happily so. Doesn’t matter the face, its your mind and spirit they are concerned with. Free Jacks fall under this heading.

A FREE JACK, is a Donnie term of someone not with Dad NOR with the Beast. They’ve never chosen, in this life or any other. It’s the bulk of humanity.

Green listers get rounded up and hauled off to then MAKE THAT CHOICE. Take the Mark or DIE. Most will choose the Mark, and then die anyways. If you are in the guillotine, you are already dead, choose wisely.

Green listers who weapon up are then subjected to intense medical and electronic conditioning and mind control to turn them into obedient droids. Those who do not or cannot achieve the desired droidness, are terminated at site.

If you are reading these words, no matter who takes the intel and spreads it, you are at least a GREEN LIST. 


One of the gang. A go along to get along stand with the herd, vote commie, and are so very gullible, they’ve never had an original thought in their life. Everything is regurgitated programming.

Black List

Nephilim assets. Nothing ever happens to the damned. They are the ones rounding you up, DHS and FEMA style with the help of Law Enforcement. Go ahead and back the blue. The Irony of that will hit you squarely between the eyes, when the time comes.

Moving on.

Here’s the deal. If you are red or green, you are not going to make it. If you greenies, one day, find yourself chained inside a delivery van or bus, with the windows blacked out so no one can see in and YOU cannot see out, you are GOING TO A KILLING FIELD. A place of death.

You will not be treated nicely. Or given water. Or food. Or anything that remotely resembles decent treatment. If you are on the bus, the breaking of you and breaking DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, begins at once. Follow? The moment you are hooked up, you are treated worse than a dog or a pig. They at least get water or slops.

You won’t.

By the time you can no longer barely stand, and they make you stand for hours without moving, you might get slops mixed with human waste. And eat it you will. For it is all you are ever going to get, ever. EVER. The idea is to destroy your will, defiance, and strength of spirit. This is an art form that China has taught them very well. They are even now, visiting gulags in China to get up to speed on the latest tactics. Which are going be the standard worldwide.

On the first day of arrival, each group or bus will be lined up inside the compound and a random person taken out from the group and shot on the spot, as a one time warning to others. Break a rule, shot. Speak on your own, shot. It will be like that.

This is the place you are going to. And I am sickened to have to give this over, it makes me ill to do it.

Time to get your mind right, say your prayers, visit loved ones. It is. It’s that time.


PS. It will happen on this wise. It’s night, maybe you are up late with a window open. Strangest thing…you keep hearing these singular shots and then nothing. No sirens. But, they go on and randomly so. Like someone driving all over the neighborhoods, drunk, firing a gun in the air at random times for no apparent purpose. This goes on until you finally go to bed.

You won’t get text message or email about it, because at the same time, Operation Duct Tape (as in over your mouth)is in effect and all comms are silenced saved for blue listers and low level green listers. Maybe you mention it to someone, maybe you don’t. However, there is an eery vibe to the day. Something about his day.

Those shots were a street being rounded up. Greenies to the bus, Reds to the bullet and bag. Street by street, from one end to another, highways blocked off.

You will get a repeating singular message from government, about staying home from work this day, or the pain of arrest or worse, for some BS reason like plague or armed killer on the loose. Whatever your psych profile says you will most respond to. You find you cannot make a call, text, or even access the internet. That time is past.

The hunt is on.

The roads are closed.

You are trapped in your home.


Finally this, for your deceivers out there. If you tell anyone this cannot happen, they do not have the resources to do this, well then ask a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL how quickly they can amass a gang of 200 people to gang stalk (box surveillance) a SINGLE PERSON. And all over the world. These coven Gimps and Slugs are here by the millions and they can’t wait for this to start.

Now, when you see those oddly colored Amazon delivery vans that appeared a year ago, and are EVERYWHERE, you will never see them the same way again. It’s the last thing you will see as a free soul, as you are herded in.